Summer, sun and CLA

Joey Sparaga sifts dirt through a sieve while participating in an archeological field camp at a dig site near Delta Junction.
UAF photo by Todd Paris
Joey Sparaga sifts dirt through a sieve while participating in an archeological field camp at a dig site near Delta Junction.

—  By Ellen Lopez, College of Liberal Arts dean,
     and Carrie Baker, CLA associate dean

Ahhh, summer in Fairbanks!  Precious time to enjoy the midnight sun – sitting on a blanket listening to live music, exploring the farmers' markets, treasure hunting at garage sales, sampling diverse food truck cuisines, floating down the river… and taking summer courses through the College of Liberal Arts! Wait? What?

Yep! Summer is the perfect time to delve into the Liberal Arts to gain a well-rounded understanding of the world around us, and thus, a foundation that facilitates personal fulfillment, professional achievement, social awareness, and civic engagement.

Our UAF College of Liberal Arts offers over 40 different degree and non-degree programs across 17 disciplines – all brimming with spectacular courses focused on the social sciences (e.g., political sciences, psychology, social work, history), diverse world languages (Japanese, Russian, Spanish, German), cultures old and new (e.g., anthropology, archaeology), and the humanities (e.g., visual and performing arts, English, philosophy, communication).

This summer, CLA is offering a wide array of over 100 summer course sections along with other amazing opportunities for all ages and interests!  Why share your summer with the liberal arts?

According to the Workforce 2030 Alaska Plan Report, employers across institutions and organizations identified key skills needed to achieve economic growth in Alaska.  In terms of importance to employers, skills in communication, problem-solving, work ethic, critical thinking, and adaptability rose to the top. These top-rated skills are at the core of what a liberal arts education provides! Further, a study by Americans for the Arts found that the arts are a great economic driver for our community, garnering $45.5 million in direct economic spending in the Fairbanks North Star Borough!

Whether you are an elementary, middle, or high school student, a college degree-seeking student, or an inquisitive life-long learner, summer is the perfect time to catch up, to get ahead, and to gain practical experience through field schools and internships. You can also just explore subjects and topics that interest you, even if they are outside of your degree or professional focus.

With the wide array of summer courses listed in the UAF Course Finder for the summer 2024 semester, Summer Sessions camps and events, the Visual Art Academy (for students grades 6-12), and the UAF Summer Music Academy (for students grades 5-12), the College of Liberal Arts is your summer hub for intellectual engagement that fosters critical thinking, global awareness, creativity, and fun for the entire family!