Share free Nanook Navigator app with students today

The Office of Student Success would like to remind advisors, instructors, and staff that the Nanook Navigator (Navigate Student) Mobile App is free for all active students to download. 

This technology requires minimal effort from advisors, instructors, and staff. Advisors can assist our team by sharing the good news with their advisees, setting up appointment availability, and syncing their calendar. Instructors and staff can also assist us in sharing information about the app with their students.


The Navigate Student mobile app is a mobile advisor that assists students from admissions to graduation by connecting them with instructors, support staff, and peers across UAF and our rural campuses. The app also supports engagement and collaboration through the embedded student success features seen above. 

We are asking you to please share awareness and encouragement with your students throughout the semester. Ways you might share with students are…

Screenshot of the Navigate Student app home screen.
Screenshot of the Navigate Student app home screen.

Student Success Goals:

  • Provide efficient access to student support teams
  • Encourage self-serving behavior
  • Reduce registration barriers
  • Modernize the student experience
  • Facilitate shared space for distance and in-person students to collaborate
  • Improve student community engagement


How students access Nanook Navigator Mobile App (staff and faculty use Nanook Navigator Staff

Resources for Assisting Students with the Mobile App