Human trafficking awareness for Native American Heritage Month

“Indigenous people make up only 1.1% of the United States population, yet they account for nearly 25% of human trafficking victims” (Stern, 2021). Indigenous women and girls are not nearly as protected as their counterparts and lack the necessary services and resources. According to the FBI, 40% of victims who are trafficked for sex are Native, yet Native women represent less than 10% of the general population (Stern, 2021).

With November being Native American Heritage Month it’s important we recognize the signs of human trafficking and the statistics that represent this population and how you can be a part of spreading awareness.

The Protection of Minors Program in the Environmental Health Safety and Risk Management Department has resources and information regarding human trafficking, so please stop by and get some of these resources. It could help you or someone you know.

(825 Alumni Dr. EHSRM Building)