Budget update: July 3

July 3, 2019

Tori Tragis

— by Dan White, chancellor

A whirlwind of communication has been distributed since last Friday, June 28, when we received news of the governor’s budget veto. Many efforts are being made to keep faculty, staff and students informed on where things currently are, how we are planning to manage reductions, and what efforts you can make to help advocate for the university. 

On July 1, President Johnsen released two UA-wide messages that contained several pieces of information. First, he mentions advocacy and ask that we all step forward and “go for it.” We are asking that you reach out to your legislators before or after work hours from your home email and voice your concerns over this devastating veto to the university’s budget. I encourage you to be heard. 

The second email had a subject line of “Notice of FY20 Furlough Due to Budget Veto.” This email contained all of the information we currently have on furloughs and how the university will be addressing them and who is or is not affected. The furlough would be implemented for 10 working days during the new fiscal year but after Sept. 1; the time frame for the furlough is yet to be determined.    

UA has also issued a hiring freeze that was effective June 28 at noon. The hiring freeze is effective on all positions where an offer has not already been made.

Also on July 1, the president notified chancellors with clarification on travel and procurement restrictions. At this time, all nonessential goods and services on unrestricted funds (F1) are not authorized until further notice. This includes pro card transactions. As for procurement goods and services that meet the essential criteria outlined in the July 1 memo, please contact Procurement and Contract Services for more information. 

Restrictions will also apply to travel on unrestricted funding (F1) unless deemed essential. If travel is essential, please continue to route through the Concur travel system and update the routing to include the appropriate vice chancellor, per my memo dated July 2, as final approval after your required internal approvals are meet. All FY20 travel that was previously approved will need to be reapproved through this process. 

Additional information from UA Statewide is available online on my communication page

It is critical that faculty and staff keep doing the great work they do to keep our university moving forward. We will continue to be a great university, and in order to do so we need faculty, staff and students to focus on the work at hand. Thank you for your continued support.