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December Salvadoran challenges
Erin Kelly is turning a high school dream into reality and earning a graduate degree at the same time.
November Alaska’s newest head coaches ready for life as Nanooks
At first glance, there seems to be very little in common between Alaska’s two newest bench bosses.
October A new meaning for spring break: service to others
One group of UAF students used their spring break this year to do anything but take a vacation. Instead, they invested their time, energy and money helping people whose homes and lives were devastated by hurricanes Katrina and Rita.
September Inaugural book festival gets off the ground
A group of people gathered on UAF’s Fairbanks campus this summer attracted a lot of attention simply because they held an uncommon title: author. The first annual Alaska Book Festival, held July 13-14 as part of Summer Sessions, spotlighted more than 30 writers--including notable UAF alumni--as well as a number of university employees, past and present.
August Young researchers contribute to polar legacy
Imagine having the chance to study with the most world-renowned experts in your field. Now imagine having the chance to do that during a period when the entire world is focused on your area of expertise, a time that only comes twice every century.
July Pinbone Wizard
A fish fillet processor suitable for small-scale operations has hit the market. It’s called the Pinbone Wizard and it sure picks a mean pinbone.
June Tracing marijuana to its roots
Scientists at the Alaska Stable Isotope Facility can tell whether marijuana confiscated in a traffic stop in Fairbanks likely came from Mexico or the Matanuska Valley.
May Going out on a high note
Marvilla Davis lifted her hands into the air in a graceful arc and held them there.
April Greening of the Arctic
The Arctic appears to be getting greener, and the resulting changes in vegetation are expected to have profound consequences for the landscape, wildlife and people of the Arctic.
March Bristol Bay Campus unlocks opportunities
Larhae Johnson knew she’d reached an impasse. With two young children to raise, she realized her chances of finding a decent job in her hometown of Dillingham would be far greater if she returned to school and got her General Educational Development (GED) certificate.
February Dog drivers in the fast lane
The sound of excitedly barking dogs drowns out the announcers’ voices counting down. "Thirty seconds ... works at UAF ... has been running dogs since ..."
January Augustine eruption leads to updated model
Peter Webley knew Alaska was an ideal place to study volcanoes. However, he didn’t expect to be dealing with the first stages of a full-blown eruption within 72 hours of his arrival in Fairbanks.