Open applications: Introducing graduate student fellowships

Students strategize for a project, collaborating around a table about how to approach the work.
Students gathered around a table, discussing the best course of action for their project. Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

Center ICE supports two types of fellowships and both are recruiting for the spring semester. 

For graduate students interested in innovation, Center ICE provides a fellowship for 10 hours a week and partners with academic departments to pair the fellowship with a 10-hour TA-ship through the interested students' department. The fellowship will also pay half of university tuition and fees while students explore the world of innovation and gain hands-on experience working on innovative projects. Students also explore the potential impact of their research and their own career interests. 

For students with an applied research project or an entrepreneurial project, Center ICE funds full fellowships to explore the potential of their project and learn skills to move that project closer to reaching those that need their solution the most.

To apply, students need to answer some questions about their motivations and current research, and provide a support letter from their advisor. To learn more about both programs and apply, visit the RISE-UP website. Applications close on Dec. 7.