Resilient Innovative Sustainable Economies via University Partnerships Program

is a collaboration of the University of Alaska Fairbanks, University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa, and 401 Tech Bridge (a division of the University of Rhode Island Research Foundation).


Together, these organizations leverage complementary technical expertise, collectively develop, and commercialize scalable technologies, and build a workforce for industries of the future.

There are four components to the RISE-UP initiative, that have parallel programs within each state and each location. These components support the development of technical solutions to real world needs, and cultivate an environment committed to preparing the next-generation of talent for the jobs of the future.

At UAF, these four components are:

Innovation for Alaska and the Arctic Training

  • Undergraduate and graduate classes that teach skills to rapidly address emerging and mission-critical needs of Alaskan communities, industry, governmental groups and agencies. Students focus on identifying the needs of communities, building towards implementable operational solutions, and focusing on real-world problems. 

Graduate Studentships and Postdocs

  • This Studentship provides a student assistantship or salary for postdocs, and covers tuition and insurance for graduate students working on ideas that solve real-world challenges. Parallel to their research and classes, students will participate in training designed to teach them how to maximize the impact of their research, and work with mentors toward milestones to get their research in the hands of those who need it. 

Ideation Studio

  • The Ideation Studio is a program designed to help researchers and scholars connect, spark innovative ideas, and co-develop new interdisciplinary projects geared toward problem-solving as well as the generation of positive societal impacts. The Ideation Studio sponsors networking events, and supports new teams and initiatives through seed funding and connections.

Faculty Fellows

This program is developed for our faculty to develop cutting edge, transformative experiences for students and pilot new initiatives. Fellows projects will open up opportunities for the Fellows themselves, students, the state of Alaska and the many institutional support staff who make UAF the premier research university in Alaska. 

Faculty who are awarded a Fellowship : 

    • Are seen for their leadership in creating cutting edge experiences for students and in strengthening the Alaska innovation ecosystem.
    • Gain recognition from their chairs and deans, Alaskan industry thought leaders, and students for taking the risks to effect real change. 
    • Have access to a team of supportive institutional and community leaders and thinkers who will help them implement their ideas.
    • Get training in topics like Lean Methodologies, Design and Systems Thinking, or other innovation-related topics. 
    • Are paid a stipend and see the fellowship reflected in their workload and in tenure and promotion files.

Each component collaborates with the equivalent programs at University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa, and 401 Tech Bridge in Rhode Island. 

For more information on the RISE-UP program and its components, please contact the project lead Magali Eaton (mdeaton2@alaska) with the subject "RISE-UP". 

Funding for this RISE-UP initiative is through grant funding to UAF Center ICE from the Office of Naval Research.