Interdisciplinary Program




Graduate Interdisciplinary Studies

A graduate interdisciplinary degree is a customized Ph.D., MA or MS degree program that combines course work from two or more disciplines.

The UAF Graduate Interdisciplinary (INDS) Program is administered directly by the Graduate Dean working closely with the INDS Steering Committee.

The INDS Steering Committee is charged to improve the quality and rigor of the INDS program. The committee is also responsible for reviewing applications for admission to the INDS Ph.D. programs.

  • If you have well-defined research interests that bridge two or more disciplines, yes.

  • If you want to simply avoid one or more of the program or course requirements in an existing degree or major, then no.

    In other words, you can't take all of the courses for one degree except for the one or two you don't like and call it an interdisciplinary degree. In fact, your proposed program must differ significantly from an existing UAF graduate degree program (i.e. no more than one half of your program credits can be pulled from a single existing graduate degree program.)

In short, you are responsible for these items. That said, Shelly would love to help you with the finer points of the process.

You can contact her at:

Shelly Baumann, Assistant Director
202 Eielson Building

This depends on the direction of your interests.
If we do not have an existing bachelor's, master's or PhD programs in the fields that you are interested in, then it is unlikely that we have faculty available to support it. For example, we do not have a Philosophy program at the Bachelor's, Master's or PhD level. As such, there are no regular faculty on contract to support any research in that direction.
Conversely, we do offer undergraduate and graduate degrees in Education and Justice so an Interdisciplinary degree with an education and justice focus could be supported.

Interdisciplinary degrees are also available for undergraduate students who are interested in obtaining an Associate's or Bachelor's degree. Click here to learn more!

  • Spring Semester: October 1
  • Fall Semester: March 1