Thesis and Dissertation Formatting

Remember to review the Thesis Formatting Handbook.

We now offer one-on-one thesis formatting review sessions.  These sessions are strictly limited to one-half hour.  Please note that these sessions are primarily intended for those who are planning on graduating in the current semester;  as such, your thesis should be in near final draft form.

Important information about single-chapter manuscript style theses:

Some master's students have written a single journal article that is the entire basis for their thesis. When this happens, it is customary to insert that article in toto as a chapter in the thesis.  In this case, the thesis must still have a General Introduction and General Conclusion. This general introduction should expound on the reason for undertaking the research, any obstacles encountered (e.g. this experiment failed, I had to change the research direction entirely, methods, equipment, etc.), anything that was unexpectedly helpful, anything in the literature that is relevant to the big picture but not applicable to the journal article).  The general conclusion should expound on the future directions and implications of the research. In short, please include anything that you wish future students or researchers to know that wouldn't necessarily be appropriate for the article that was submitted or prepared for submission to a journal.

Thesis Formatting Examples (under construction)

Project Formatting

Aside from title page requirements, there are no specific formatting requirements for students who are completing a project instead of a thesis.  For information about these requirements, navigate to this page and click the "I am pursuing a Master's with Project" option.

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