Thesis and Dissertation Formatting

Thesis Format Handbook

Common errors: 

  • References don't have corresponding in-text citations, and/or citations don't have corresponding references. (The use of EndNote, which can be obtained through UAF OIT, or a similar citation program is strongly recommended).
  • References are split across pages.
  • Preliminary pages (e.g. Table of Contents, List of Figures, etc) begin on even-numbered pages (they should all start on odd-numbered pages.  Insert blank pages where necessary to force sections onto odd pages.)
  • There are widowed or orphaned lines at the top and bottom of pages.
  • Landscaped tables or figures have the page number in the wrong location (See the example in the handbook)
  • More than one appendix but no List of Appendices.
  • "Page" is not written above the page numbers in the Table of Contents, List of Figures,List of Tables and List of Appendices and/or page numbers are not right-aligned.
  • Table of Contents is missing sections and/or subsections (or sub-subsections). 
  • Titles in the Table of Contents and captions for figures and tables in their corresponding lists don't match word-for-word and capitalization-for-capitalization.
  • Locations are incorrectly identified (e.g. Figure 1.1 is on page 30 but the List of Figures says its on page 31)

Please carefully review the Thesis Format Handbook  to ensure that you don't make these (and other) errors.

Want a summary of major requirements?  Take a peek at our  Formatting Highlights Powerpoint Slideshow

Thesis Formatting Examples (under construction)

Project Formatting

Aside from title page requirements, there are no specific formatting requirements for students who are completing a project instead of a thesis.  For information about these requirements, navigate to this page and click the "I am pursuing a Master's with Project" option.

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