Technical Reports

86-01 Periodic DOL Languages. Tom Head, Clifton Lando.
87-01 A Problem in Counting Digits. Jack Distad, Ron Gatterdam.

87-02 An Algorithm for Fast Polynomial Approximation. Ron
88-01 The Linear Algebra of Interpolation with Finite
      Applications Giving Computational Methods for Multivariate
      Polynomials. Coert Olmsted.
88-02 Forced Oscillations of Two-Dimensional Nonlinear Systems.

      Clifton Lando.
89-01 A Fully Two-Dimensional Flux-Corrected Transport Algorithm
      for Hyperbolic Partial Differential Equations. Sen-Wei
89-02 Continued Powers and Roots. Dixon Jones.
89-03 Periodicity and Ultimate Periodicity of DOL Systems.

      Barbara Lando.
89-04 On the Undecidability of Splicing Systems. Karl
      Denninghoff, Ron Gatterdam.
89-05 Splicing Systems and Regularity. Ron Gatterdam.
89-06 Load Shedder: A Bidding Algorithm for Load Balancing in a
      Wide Area Network. Gary Schmunk.

90-01 Horrock's Question for Monomially Graded Modules. Larry
90-02 Homotopy Theory of Diagrams and CW-Complexes Over a
      Category. Robert Piacenza.
90-03 Some Extremal Results in Cochromatic and Dichromatic

      Theory. Paul Erdos, John Gimbel, Dieter Kratsch.
90-04 Independent Edges in Bipartite Graphs Obtained from
      Orientations of Graphs. John Gimbel, K. B. Reid.
91-01 Some Problems and Results in Cochromatic Theory. Paul
      Erdos, John Gimbel.

92-01 Inequalities for Total Matchings of Graphs. John Gimbel,
      Preben Vestergaard.
92-02 Sources in Posets and Comparability Graphs. John Gimbel.
92-03 Near-minimal Resolution IV Designs with Three Factors. Ron
93-01 A Sheaf Theoretic Approach to the Bott-Kubleka Commutator

      Formula. Robert Piacenza, Peter Litvanyi.
94-01 Sources and Sinks in Comparability Graphs. John Gimbel.
94-02 Using Moving Averages to Generate Families of Valid
      Variograms and Crossvariograms II. Crossvariograms and
      Cokriging. Ron Barry.

95-01 Terrain Correction of Synthetic Aperture Radar Imagery
      Using a CRAY T3D Scalable Parallel Processor. Tom Logan.
95-02 AVS Optimization for Vector Processing. Karen Woys.
95-03 Line Transect Sampling Under Varying Conditions with

      Application to Aerial Surveys. Pham Quang.
95-04 Kernel Methods in Line and Point Transect Samplings. Pham
95-05 A Centroid-Based Nonparametric Regression Estimator. Ron
95-06 The Probabilistic Tool: Real Graph Theory, for Real Graph

      Theorists. John Gimbel.
95-07 Approximating Functions with Linear Subspaces for
      Non-Metizable Domains. Michael Flanagan.
95-08 Coloring Graphs with Fixed Genus and Girth. John Gimbel.

95-09 A Case Study of a Software Maintenance Organization with
      Respect to the Capability Maturity Model. Randy Hayman.
95-10 Image Compression for Animation Sequences. Deepak Sinha.
95-11 High Resolution Interactive Medical Imaging on a CRAY T3D.

      Greg Johnson.
95-12 Switching Distance Graphs. John Gimbel.
95-13 On the Random Superposition of Trees. John Gimbel.
96-01 Implementation of Deterministic Finite Automata on Parallel 
      Architecture. Pavel Sekanina

96-02 Development of an HTML Form Preprocessing Tool. Dale Clark.
96-03 A Preprocessor for Introductory Programming Education.
      Michelle Neisser
96-04 Placement Testing for Math 107 - Functions for Calculus.
      Diane Cook

96-05 Development of Embedded Software for Robot Navigation.
      Kannan Narayanamurthy
97-01 On the Weakness of Ordered Set. Gimbel/Trenk    
97-02 Coloring Triangle-Free Graphs with Fixed Size. John Gimbel.
97-03 Inverting the Involute. Kathleen Gustafson.

97-04 A Dynamic Production Model for Alaska SAR Facility Data System. Yi Zhang.
98-01 The Defect of the Completion of a Green Functor. Florian Luca. 
98-02 Degree-Continuous Graphs. J. Gimbel/P. Zhang.
00-01 A Parallel Implementation of the Terrestrial Ecosystem Model (TEM). James Long.

00-02 Partitions of Graphs into Cographs. John Gimbel and Jaroslav Nesetril.
00-03 The Lattice Polynomial of a Graph.  Jonathan Wiens and Kara Nance.
01-01 On a Complete Analysis of High Energy Scattering Matrix 
      Asymptotics for One Dimensional Schroedinger Operators with 
      Integrable Potentials.  Alexei Rybkin.
01-02 On a Trace Approach to the Inverse Scattering Problem
      In Dimension One.  Alexei Rybkin.

01-03 KDV Invariants and Herglotz Functions.  Alexei Rybkin
01-04 The Module of Derivations for an Arrangement of Subspaces.  Jonathan Wiens.
01-05 Ingham-type Inequalities and Riesz Bases of Divided Differences.  Jonathan Wiens.
01-06 Simultaneous Control Problems for Systems of Elastic
      Strings and Beams.  Sergei Avdonin and William Moran.

01-07 Location with Dominating Sets.  John Gimbel, 
      Brian D. Van Gorden, Mihaela Nocolescu, Cheri Umstead, Nicole Vaiana.
02-01 Some New and Old Asymptotic Representations of
      The Jost Solution and the Weyl m-Function for Schroedinger
      Operators on the Line.  Alexei Rybkin.
02-02 Numerical Approximation of a Two-Dimensional Thermomechanical 
      Model for Ice Flow. Ed Bueler.
02-03 Stability of Periodic Linear Delay-Differential Equations and the 
      Chebyshev Approximation of Fundamental Solutions. Edward Bueler, Eric Butcher.
02-04 Symbolic Stability of Delay Differential Equations. Victoria Averina.

02-05 Numerical Analysis of Ice Flow Numerical Solutions Using 
      Finite Difference Approximations.  Latrice Bowman.
02-06 Computer Interconnection Based on Group Graphs. Rong Wang.
02-07 Semiclassical Approach for Calculating Regge-pole Trajectories 
      for Singular Potentials.  N.B. Avdonina, S. Belov, Z. Felfi, A.Z. Msezane, N. Naboko.