Graduate Study in Mathematics and Statistics

The University of Alaska Fairbanks offers a PhD in Mathematics, a MS in Mathematics, a MS in Statistics and Data Science, and a graduate certificate in Statistics. We have 15 - 20 students in the program, allowing students to study intensively with their advisor, while still offering a breadth of coursework and areas of study. Almost all of our PhD and MS students are supported with teaching assistantships, with a few research assistantships occasionally available.

 Faculty research areas in mathematics include algebraic statistics, analysis, combinatorics, computational algebra, control theory, geometric analysis, graph theory, inverse problems, mathematical biology, mathematical physics, mathematics education, numerical analysis, partial differential equations, and optics.

 Faculty research interests in statistics include sampling design, biostatistics, spatial statistics, density estimation, quality control, and design of experiments.

 Detailed information about each of our programs is available at the following links:

PhD in Mathematics

MS in Mathematics

MS in Statistics

Graduate Certificate in Applied and Computational Mathematics

Graduate Certificate in Statistics


Please note: DMS is not able to offer any applicant an application fee waiver. For international students: the department chair can grant an English proficeny waiver at their discression  and will usually grant this if you are from an English speaking country or all or most of your university expereince was taught with English as the primary language. For an English proficeny waiver please email your request to


For full consideration for funding for Fall 2024, complete applications should be received by
Jan. 15, 2024.
Applications received after this date will be reviewed on a rolling basis.


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