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First Alaskans Institute Summer Internship Program
Summary: "The First Alaskans Institute (FAI) 2020 Summer Internship Program (SIP) places Alaska Native, American Indian, Indigenous and rural community members and students into organizations around Alaska to provide leadership growth and employment experience and exploration."

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UAF Trainings
Summary: UAF's Department of Equity and Compliance maintains a list of UAF's DEI related trainings.

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Native Movement trainings/workshops
Summary: "Native Movement believes that in order to make meaningful and lasting change it is critical to address root-causes and dismantle oppressive systemic power structures. Grassroots leadership rooted in responsibility to community and utilizing strategies grounded in an Indigenized worldview and decolonizing frameworks is a powerful path forward. Our trainings, workshops, and camps are not exclusive to Indigenous peoples; rather our leadership model is shaped from an Indigenous worldview, which emphasizes deep acknowledgment of place-based knowledge and the joy and responsibility of building community."

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G2 Diversified Services
Summary: G2 Diversified Services "provide customized training for organizational and employee growth and development. Training can be provided on a one-to-one basis as well as for small and large groups."

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First Alaskans Institute
Summary: The First Alaskan's Institute conducts trainings on various DEI topics. Visit them on Facebook to see what trainings they are currently offering.

Killing Me Softly: A Game about Microaggressions
Created by: Fobazi M. Ettarh
Summary: "The goal of this game is to illustrate as clearly as possible the accumulation of microaggressions and acculturative stress upon the physical and mental body, so that it may be better understood by people who may not understand how these incidents play out. Because it is not feasible to represent every single experience within every single marginalized community, this game portrays microaggressions relevant to the characters within the game. These microaggression may or may not be generalizable to other experiences of marginalized persons."

Created by: Minus18
Summary: Pronouns is an online tool that helps people learn and practice using various pronouns. This program was created by Minus18, "Australia's largest youth led organization for trans, bisexual, lesbian and gay youth."