Math Tutoring FAQ

Student tutoring another student

Q: What tutoring is available for students taking Developmental Math courses?

A: For those students living in Fairbanks and taking face-to-face Developmental Math courses, tutoring is available in our walk-in math labs. There are two locations of the labs: Gruening Room 406 on the main campus, and the UAF Community and Technical College Room 120, located at 604 Barnette Street.

Q: What are the hours for the Math Labs?

A: The hours for the labs are posted each semester. Click on the link to the left for the current math lab schedules. Generally, tutoring is available during day and evening hours, and also on the weekends. During the scheduled times, a tutor is available to offer assistance for any student who walks into the lab. There is no cost for use of this tutoring service.

Q: Who are the math tutors?

A: Most often, the math tutors are UAF students pursuing a bachelor’s degree in mathematics. Some are graduate students, pursuing a master’s degree in mathematics. Or, some may be alumni with a heavy math background. Occasionally, the math tutor may be one of the developmental math instructors in the department. In any case, the math tutors are competent in the subject matter and have been trained to tutor students in developmental math courses.

Q: What are the tutors likely to do for you?

A: The tutors in the labs will make themselves available to any student walking into the math lab. They will try to make the math you are doing more understandable. This might include working on problems with you, explaining a concept, or simply letting you know you are on the right track. The tutors are not there to do your homework for you.

Q: Why go to the math labs for help?

A: So that you won’t get frustrated when you are at home working on your homework, and have no one to ask for help. This is a FREE service that you want to take advantage of, and start getting A’s and B’s on your assignments and tests!

Q: Will I pass my math class if I come to the math lab?

A: We cannot guarantee this, but your chances of passing increase greatly by making use of the resources available to you. We definitely want to help you succeed!

Q: What other services do you provide?

A: Also available in the math labs are videotapes which accompany the textbooks used in the Developmental Math courses. The videotapes may be checked out from the lab, one at a time, with a tutor. Ask the tutor or your instructor for the procedure of checking out a videotape. These are a very popular resource.

Q: What other tutoring services are available at UAF for students taking developmental math courses?

A: For those who qualify, additional tutoring services are available through Student Support Services