Reading Support

DEVS F104 University Communications (1 cr.)

This course teaches reading & study skills:

  1. How to Handle the Amount and Pace of College Reading
  1. How to Remember What you Read
  1. How to Develop a Learning Disposition
  1. How to Work with Long and Complex Reading
  1. How to Develop Basic Comprehension Skills
  1. How to Use the Rereading Process
  1. How to Annotate for Comprehension & Retention
  1. How to Summarize for Comprehension & Retention

        9. How to Develop & Maintain Motivation

  1. How to Develop & Maintainfidence in Your Reading Skills
  1. How to Handle ProcrastinationHow to Ask Critical Questions
  1. How to Synthesize Complex Data and Materia
  1. How to Contextualize Readings 
  1. How to Understand the Implications of Readings


Online Resources to Improve Your College Reading Skills

This website gives 10 steps you can take to improve your reading skills.