Course Descriptions

MATH Courses

MATH F054 Prealgebra 3 Credits

Basic concepts of prealgebra mathematics. Topics include operations and applications of whole numbers, integers, fractions, decimals, ratios and proportions, percents, geometry and measures, evaluation of algebraic expressions and applications.
Prerequisites: Appropriate placement scores.

MATH F055 Elementary Algebra 3 Credits

Topics include evaluation and simplifying algebraic expressions, polynomials, factoring, integer exponents, rational expressions, solutions of linear equations and inequalities, quadratic equations and graphs of lines. Special fees apply. PR# Prerequisites: DEVM F054; ABUS F155; or appropriate placement scores. Prerequisite courses and/or placement exams must be taken within one calendar year prior to commencement of the course.

MATH F065 Mathematics Skills 1-3 Credits

Designed to assist students in reviewing and reinforcing course concepts covered by DEVM F050, DEVM F060, DEVM F062, DEVM F105 and DEVM F106. Consists of instruction which may include lab instruction, individual student work or group work. May be repeated. Recommended for students who need more time and help to master the material in Developmental Math courses. (1-3+0)

MATH F105 Intermediate Algebra 3 Credits

Second-year high school algebra. Operations with rational expressions, radicals, rational exponents, logarithms, inequalities, quadratic equations, linear systems, functions, Cartesian coordinate system and graphing. To matriculate to MATH F107X from DEVM F105 a grade of B or higher is required. Also available via eLearning and Distance Education. Prerequisites: Grade of C- or better in DEVM F060; or DEVM F062; or appropriate placement test scores. Prerequisite courses and/or placement exams must be taken within one calendar year prior to the commencement of the course. (3+0)

WRTG Courses

WRTG F080     Basic Writing & Reading  4 Credits    

WRTG 080 is an integrated writing and reading course. The focus is on writing paragraphs and short essays, sentence and paragraph structure, revision techniques, and vocabulary and reading comprehension skills necessary for successful reading in WRTG 090. A C or higher in this course qualifies students forWRTG 090, “Writing & Reading Strategies.” Students may retest on Accuplacer at the end of the semester for a higher placement. Prerequisites: Appropriate placement test scores or instructor approval.  

WRTG F090     Writing & Reading Strategies  4 Credits   

WRTG 090 is a course in college writing and reading strategies. Building on the work done in WRTG 080, it includes work on writing and revising essays. The course focuses on complex sentence and paragraph structure, essay revision techniques, and critical reading skills. It emphasizes reading and study skills that increase comprehension of written materials typically encountered in college courses, such as textbooks, websites, research articles, etc. A C or higher in this course qualifies students for WRTG 110, "Introduction to College Writing." Prerequisites: Appropriate placement test scores, or C or higher in WRTG 080, or instructor approval.

WRTG F110    Introduction to College Writing   3 Credits                            

Instruction for students prepare forWRTG F111x, including writing, revising, research and critical reading.  Prerequisites: Appropriate placement test scores, C or higher in WRTG 090, or instructor approval. Students who have tried WRTGF111x and not passed it on their first try are recommended to take this class before attempting WRTG F111x again.

DEVS Courses

DEVS F101 Skills for College and Career Success 3 Credits

A diverse menu of study skills for the student entering the college environment. Skills include active listening, effective reading, taking usable notes, test taking, communication, time and money management. Students learn personal development skills that assist in addressing intrusive issues that impact the learning process, increasing self-esteem, and relating these skills to the classroom and later to a career. Class sessions offer diverse learning experiences. (3+0)

DEVS 104   University Communications  1-3 credits

DEVS 104 introduces the unique methods of communication required at the college level, including combinations of reading, writing and oral communication as required for degree content purposes for certificate degree programs. May link with selected lecture and/or discussion courses. May be repeated for credit when content varies. Note: Does not meet prerequisite requirements for WRTG F111x without further placement testing. Recommended: Placement into WRTG 090.

One version of DEVS 104 is the reading strategies course described under Reading Support on this website.

DEVS F110 College Success Skills 1 Credit

An introduction and overview of the diverse skills, strategies and resources available to ensure success in the college experience. Topics include study skills, time management, career planning, stress management, communication skills, test taking and personal development skills. (1+0)

DEVS F111 Math Study Skills 1 Credit

Will improve study skills in math and support students in their math class. Focus on homework, note taking, studying, test taking, and motivation. This course will be linked to MATH F054 or F055.