Veterinary Medicine


Scholarship: "Catt" Croline Shanahan Hill Scholarship

Award: $500 per semester/$1,000 per annual year

Purpose: To provide scholarships for students pursuing

a career in the veterinary field who have animals' interests at heart.

Scholarship: National Veterinary Associates Scholarship

Purpose: To provide financial assistance for tuition and

other related educational expenses to Veterinary Medicine

students at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. The intent

is to award four $2,500 Veterinary Medicine scholarships

annually, to two first-year and two second-year students.

One first-year and one second-year student must be from

Alaska, and one first-year and one second-year must be

an out-of-state student. It is a goal of this fund to provide

scholarship assistance to the same student(s), therefore,

assuming eligibility is maintained, first-year recipient(s)

should receive the second-year scholarship(s). These

restrictions and purposes will be applied to the use of

your fund in the priority order listed incorporating all that apply.


Scholarship: Cathy Griseto Student Support

Purpose: To provide financial resources to first and

second year Veterinary Medicine students to attend

programs/training/seminars, etc. while attending the

University of Alaska Fairbanks. Expenditures may

include, but are not limited to: travel expenses,

registration costs, and lodging.


Scholarship: Dr. Val D. Stuve Scholarship for Veterinary Medicine

Award: $1,000 per annual year

Purpose: To honor the many and considerable contributions

of Val D. Stuve, DVM to the advancement of Veterinary Medicine

and the improvement in the quality of animal health care in Alaska,

and to provide scholarships to veterinary students at the

University of Alaska Fairbanks.

Scholarship: Cole Family and Aurora Animal Clinic Scholarship

Award: $500 per annual year

Purpose: To provide three annual scholarships for full-time

students at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. The

scholarships will be divided as follows: two scholarships

for the Veterinary Medicine program and one scholarship

for the UAF Men's Ice Hockey program.