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Use this form used to request any kind of purchase through CARBO. It can be submitted for purchases to be made on a ProCard (under $5,000) or for purchases that need to go through Procurement (Over $5,000).

Please Note: We do not accept requisition forms from outside CNSM.

If you have any questions about the form, please contact the CNSM Academic and Research Business Office,

Custodial Cards are available M-F 8:30am-4:30pm, unless otherwise arranged.

Fill in the name and email for each signing role on the form. Please note: your departmental approver is required to review and sign this form. If you are both requestor and departmental approver, enter your name and email in both fields. If this form is not completed and approved, CARBO cannot release the card for checkout.

Your purchase may require a waiver.  Examples of commonly purchased items requiring a waiver include:

  • Charter
  • Foreign Vendors
  • Gift Cards
  • Hazardous Material
  • Meals in a Restaurant
  • Payments to Individuals
  • Professional services (Consulting, Medical, Accounting, Legal, etc.)
  • Software
  • Used/ Refurbished Items
  • Web Design/ Hosting

To view the full list of items that cannot be purchased, please review the UA ProCard Manual available on the Procurement website. Certain items on the list may require prior approval and a waiver for purchase; for questions please contact CARBO. The ProCard Custodian will need to submit the UA ProCard Waiver for approval.  Please ensure that the waiver has been approved prior to checking out the ProCard. If the waiver is not approved, CARBO cannot release the card for checkout.

When the card is returned, please complete the ProCard Custodial Card Check-in and Receipt Submission Form.

If the ProCard is lost or stolen, contact the CNSM Academic and Research Business Office AND the Bank’s 24-hour fraud line (800-316-6056).

If you have any questions please contact the CNSM Academic and Research Business Office,

Use this form to record the return of the Custodial ProCard and submit the receipt for your purchase. 

If CARBO is responsible for reconciling your ProCard transactions, use this form to submit your receipts as well.

Please keep the following in mind when submitting your receipts:

  • Each receipt must be uploaded on a separate entry form.
  • Receipts should be submitted within 24 hours of purchase.
    • If you are unable to obtain a receipt or your receipt is lost, please complete and upload a copy of the Certification of Unavailable Documentation.
  • Supporting documentation must be uploaded with your receipt. The following is an inexhaustive list of documentation to be included:
    • Purchase approval
    • Representational Allowance Form
    • Order confirmation
    • Vendor correspondence
    • Permanent or temporary ProCard waiver. If your purchase requires a ProCard waiver, and you did not complete one prior to the purchase, please complete the UA ProCard Violation Form

If you have any questions regarding this form, please contact the CNSM Academic and Research Business Office,

Use this form to request reimbursement for out-of-pocket expenses incurred on behalf of the university in situations where a requisition, call number, or ProCard purchase was not possible due to abnormal circumstances.  Please note: Employee reimbursement is not a primary method of procurement, and should only be used in emergent situations or when all other procurement methods are not available.

If you are requesting reimbursement for travel-related expenses do not use this form.  All travel reimbursements are processed through Concur.  Please contact the Travel Customer Service Office at 474-TRIP (4787) or

If you are the Requestor and the Employee to be reimbursed, enter your name and email address in both fields.

Please complete all required fields.  “N/A” is not an acceptable entry on this form.  If you do not know the account code you should use, please leave this field blank; CARBO will make a determination based on your receipt and other supporting documentation, and enter it for you. 

If you are requesting multiple funds to cover this transaction, please make sure that they sum to the Total Reimbursement Amount.

If you are requesting reimbursement from a restricted fund, the CARBO office will review the request to ensure that it is allowable on the associated grant.  If the charges are deemed unallowable, we will reach out to request an unrestricted fund and org to be used in its place.

Please note: reimbursement is not guaranteed and may be denied by the Associate Vice Chancellor for Financial Services if it does not fit the intent of such reimbursements as outlined in the Direct Pay Reimbursement Policy memo:


If you have any questions regarding this form, please contact the CNSM Academic and Research Business Office,


This is a WuFoo form used to submit BLaST purchases made on BLaST Purchasing Cards to the CARBO team.


General Forms

Journal Vouchers are processed every week before Friday.

To ensure timely processing and posting, we kindly request that all requests be submitted by the close of business on Thursday.  Any requests received after the this deadline will be processed in the following week.

It is important to note that the transaction correction process may take up to 14 business days to reflect in Banner.

Please note that to process a correction on a journal voucher, the transaction must have already been posted to Banner.

If you need to correct a ProCard transaction in JP Morgan, please send an email to

This is a DocuSign Form to securely upload your W9 to the CARBO team.

This form is intended for CNSM departments that wish to pay for student tuition and/or fees not related to their employment.

This form is not for Graduate TA/ RA tuition awards, which are processed as part of their employment contract. If you wish to hire a TA or and RA, please contact Sheri Hall:


Other Resources

For BlaST hiring please submit your request through this WuFoo Form. For all other CNSM HR questions or concerns, contact Sheri Hall. She can be reached by email at or by phone at 907-474-6714.


Event Planning Tool Kit

Getting Started

When planning university sponsored events, both on and off campus, there are many things that need consideration. Having these questions answered in advance of the planning process will make the rest of the event organization run smoother. It is important to contact the CARBO team in the early stages of the planning process. They may be able to establish a separate account to assist in budget tracking.

These questions will determine what forms and other paperwork will be needed to comply with university policy.

  1. What is the preferred date(s) of the event?
    • Have a preferred and several backup dates in mind.
  2. What is the anticipated attendance?
    •  Be realistic about the number of attendees, will there be a maximum attendee cutoff?
    • Will your event include minors?
  3. Who is paying for the event?
    • Will the event be funded by the department, a grant, or registration fees?
  4. Who will have budget oversight?
  5. Will the event be on campus or off?
  6. What type of venue will you need?
    • Lecture halls, meeting/conference rooms, large, open event space, etc.
    • If the event is multi-day, will sleeping rooms be needed? i.e. will hotel room blocks or on-campus housing be needed?
  7. What technology will the event need?
    • Sound systems, smart classrooms, teleconferencing options, etc.
  8. Will food and beverage be needed?
    • Meals provided?
    • Snacks and beverages during the event?
  9. Will the event have registration, paid or otherwise?
  10. What accessibility needs might your event encounter, and how do you plan to address needs as they arise?
    • Think about physical access, vision, sound, food allergies, etc.

Important Notes:

As the event planner, you are not permitted to sign any contracts. Only an official university contract designee can sign contracts. You may be the point of contact and signing authority of the funds, but you cannot sign contracts on behalf of the university.

*All university sponsored events require an event request form. The form is the same, but the process is slightly different if you are hosting your event on or off campus.

If you have any questions, reach out to or the CNSM Communications and Marketing.

UAF Event Request Form

All events require an event request form. This form ensures that you have all the required paperwork needed to comply with university policy.  The information you compiled in the getting started section will assist you in filling out this form. It is important to have as much information available ahead of time as possible. Editing the form can only be done by the University Relations and departmental Public Information Officers. It is in your best interest to make sure you are communicating with CNSMs Fiscal Manager and PIO when planning your event.

The university utilizes the 25Live system for both on-campus room reservations and event requests. You can do directly to the form using the button below, or through the room reservation system. See Room Reservations for more information.

Reserving a Venue

On campus:

For on-campus events, the first thing you want to do is determine what spaces are available to host your event. To search availability on campus, visit!/home/dash. From here you will have two options:

  1. You can either use the “Quick Search”, “Locations” option or the “Public Locations Searches”. Both will allow you to refine your search by type. The searches will give you availability information as well as room capacity and resources.
  2. Sign in using your UA credentials and on the home screen under “Find Available Locations” select either “I know when my event should take place – help me find a location!” or “I know where my event should take place – help me choose a time!” and enter your search information.

Using option 2 will allow you to click on “use this location” from there you can begin the event request form. Make sure you have all the necessary information before filling out this form, including an event description. Make sure to select that you are part of CNSM so that the Public Information Officer is notified.

Note: If you plan to change the floor plan from its original layout, such as adding or rearranging tables, you will need to submit a floor plan for approval by the fire marshal.

Off campus:

Off-campus venues cannot be booked through the 25Live system. These will need to be booked independently then listed as the event location(s) in the event form. If you know where you want to hold your event, you can contact the venue directly.

Remember, you cannot sign a contract on behalf of the university. You need a UAF signing designee to sign.

If you do not yet know where you will host your event, you can submit a Request for Proposals through Explore Fairbanks. They will solicit proposals on your behalf to local venues and package that information for you. The information will include all venues available during your event window along with services available, price quotes, and points of contact. From there you can reach out to your venue to begin the process or schedule a site visit. Explore Fairbanks also offers other services for events held in Fairbanks that invite visitors from outside Fairbanks. More information can be found on their meeting planner website.

You will need to include venue information in your event request. If your venue isn’t listed in the 25Live system, select “Other” and notify your PIO.


For multi-day events lodging is often something that event planners help to coordinate, even if the event is not paying for lodging.

University Guest Housing

The University of Alaska Fairbanks offers Guest Housing through the Department of Residence Life. Overnight lodging through Guest Housing is fee based. The Department of Residence Life offers overnight lodging to UAF-affiliated guests for stays generally 30-days or less. Depending on when your event occurs, on-campus lodging may be an option. Learn more the Residence Life Guest Housing page or on their FAQ.

Local Hotel Room Blocks

Local hotel room blocks are another great option. You can reach out to specific hotels depending on how many rooms you will need or you can submit a  Request for Proposals through Explore Fairbanks. Many times, depending on the number of rooms, the hotels may provide a discounted “conference rate”. These rooms would be booked using a discount code, etc. by the attendee, before a certain date. After that date, the rooms would be released back to the hotel. There is no contract needed to secure a room block.


The university offers catering through Chartwells. They can provide food for on and off campus events, as well as boxed offerings for field trips.

You will need to create an account with CaterTrax and submit an order through Chartwells. Through their website you can select from several options or you can contact the catering manager to discuss customized menu options as well as discuss dietary restrictions and issues.

You may choose to bring in food from an off-campus vendor. For health and safety, a Food and Beverage Application must be submitted by any group that intends to provide food on University property that is not prepared by Chartwells/UAF Catering.

  • It is recommended that food purchases are made AFTER approval has been obtained through the Food and Beverage Application process.
  • The Food and Beverage Application must be submitted 14 calendar days prior to the event to Dining Services and Contract Operations at uaf‐
  • Additional information and approvals may be required by the Fire Marshal, Risk Management, or other authorities.
  • Catering and food services that can be provided by Chartwells/UAF Catering at comparable pricing should be utilized.

You will also need to prepare a UAF representational allowance form in order for university funds (including those funds accrued through registration fees) to pay for the food.

For off-campus events, you do not need to fill out the Food and Beverage Application, but you do need to fill out the UAF representational allowance form.


Alcohol may be served at UAF events provided the appropriate policies are followed. If your event will have alcohol you will need a completed UAF Alcohol Beverage Application filled out by a UAF sponsoring organization designating the alcohol service provider (must be a company with a registered Beverage Dispensary License).

This UAF Alcohol Beverage Application must be submitted for all events where alcoholic beverages will be served on University property or UAF events located off-campus. This form must be RECEIVED by email,, no less than 28 days prior to the event. Late requests may be denied.

Full policy information is available on the UAF website here

It is important to note whether your funding source authorizes the purchase of alcohol. For example, government employee registration fees may not go toward the purchase of alcohol.

There are many options for serving alcohol at your event, make sure to discuss options with your caterer and venue coordinator.

Chartering Transportation

Whether you’re looking to transport your attendees between event locations or on a field trip or you need to move supplies to the event venue, chartering transportation is tricky to navigate.  You have a few options.

UAF Vehicles

The university has several types of vehicles available to rent with hourly, daily and weekly rates. You will have passed the UAF Driver Safety Training prior to requesting the vehicle. More information can be found on the Facilities Services Website.

You can also request a bus and driver for seminars, conferences, field trips and special events for up to two hours through the UAF Charter Request Form.

 Off-campus Services

It is possible to use a charter service for transportation. You will need to request a quote from local vendors, then submit a request through procurement including the following supplemental information:

  • Itinerary/Scope of Work
  • Period of Performance
  • Rate
    • Fuel
    • Gratuity
    • Invoice/quote
  • Other Information/Documentation
    • Passenger manifest
    •  Any other important details

Remember: you cannot sign a contract, only a university contract signing authority can sign on UAF’s behalf.

SWAG & Giveaways

There may be different rules that apply depending on your funding source, such as per person maximums or restrictions on items. It is important to speak with the CNSM fiscal manager or your grant manager before making final purchase decisions.

Branded items are common giveaways at events, whether it is the logo of the hosting institution or of the event. Make sure to inquire about any logo usage restrictions before purchasing items.

Approved UAF Vendors

The name University of Alaska Fairbanks, the initials UAF, the UAF logo and the word Nanook(s) are trademarks of UAF and reserved for official UAF use.

University Relations reviews all designs incorporating UAF’s marks that are affixed to promotional items being offered for sale or free distribution to the public. Approval of artwork is required prior to production of the merchandise.

Therefore, it is required when using the UAF logo that only university approved vendors are used. More information and the full list of approved vendors is available here.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to the CNSM Public Information staff for assistance.


Free Registration

The most straightforward registration process involves a google form. They are easy to set up and straightforward to use through the university provided google accounts. This is not the only method available, but it is the easiest.

Paid Registration

Events with registration fees require working directly with the CNSM Fiscal Manager/CARBO team. They will be able to assist you in creating an account where registration fees can be deposited, and event costs can be deducted.

…To be continued…

Event Advertising & Print Materials

Your CNSM Public Information Officer is here to help you navigate every step of advertising and promotion for your event.

They can:

  • connect you with photographers and videographers to document the event
  • assist in purchasing and placing ads
  • creating event list serves
  • assist in event website preparation
  • assist in preparing any printed and visual/graphical materials you may need, from programs to banners and more


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