Events Policy

UAF Policy 04.06.200

Original Adoption: October 13, 2020

Revised: November 30, 2022

Responsible Chancellor's Cabinet Member: UAF Chief of Staff

Responsible Department/Office: Chancellor's Office & University Advancement

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1.0 Policy statement

The purpose of this policy is to assist the organization in planning successful events while providing a process whereby the university can review the specific events being held on campus, assess applicable university policies, and address any safety or liability concerns. 

2.0 Description

Events are activities held or sponsored by UAF, student organizations, campus departments, and/or off-campus organizations designed for the benefit and enjoyment of the campus and the Fairbanks community. These events may be held on or off campus.

3.0 Definitions

Event: A planned program, ceremony, gathering, occasion, or conference held in a UAF building or outdoor space on the UAF campus or in a location sponsored by UAF. This does not include regularly scheduled instructional or academic activities, free speech/expression activities, or UAF athletics practices or competitions. Events with alcohol, minors or events sponsored by UAF off campus may be subject to review.

Facilities Use Agreements (FUA) and/or Land Use Permit (LUP): An agreement required to be in place when external entities access university facilities or grounds for over 14 days or 80 hours annually. The FUA/LUP ensures the external entity assumes all responsibility, risk, and liability associated with the activity. FUA/LUP  facility users will work with UAF Facilities Services for agreements. External entities pay fair market value rents unless substantial education benefits are demonstrated. These may only be approved by an employee with delegation from the Chancellor.

Event Space Rental Agreement:  An agreement that allows external entities to use university facilities on a short-term basis, typically one-time events lasting less than two weeks or recurring events less than 80 hours per year. An event space rental agreement is only valid up to a maximum of one year. The agreement may only be approved by an employee with delegation from the Vice Chancellor of Administrative Services.

UAF Campus UAF Troth Yeddha’ Campus in Fairbanks and other UAF-owned or controlled properties.

Event Requestor: An individual or entity requesting venue space to host an event on UAF campuses.

Sponsor: A current UAF faculty or staff member, department/unit, or registered student organization producing a university event and/or responsible for hosting an external entity on campus to produce a university event.

Venue: Any indoor or outdoor space on UAF campuses that can be used to host an event.

UAF Events Committee: A committee chaired by the UAF Institutional Events Manager, who also represents University Advancement on the committee, and representatives from Police, Fire, Risk, North Campus, Facilities Services, Student Affairs/Wood Center, Parking Services, and Dining Services.

4.0 References relied upon

5.0 Responsibilities

Requirements for all events, regardless of size or affiliation:

  1. All events must be registered on the event scheduling platform 25Live *
    *If the space is not included in the 25 Live, such as external events, the event organizer must use the UAF Event Form.
  2. A responsible person must be clearly identified for event oversight and management.
  3. Events must:
    1. Comply with all university policies and regulations.
    2. Be executed in an orderly manner, ensuring the protection of the UAF community and its facilities.
    3. Include adequate set-up and tear-down planning, ensuring UAF venues or property are cleaned up post event by event organizers, with verification of condition or damages by the space manager/scheduler.
  4. Events Committee approval is required for all public events unless specific exemptions are listed in this policy. The committee generally reviews events specifically, for the following:
    1. All events that are expected to have more than 49 people in attendance.
    2. Protection of Minors exempts events where minors are accompanied by a parent or guardian so long as the event is advertised as such.
    3. Event requires departmental coordination due to large size and possible limitations on UAF staffing and/or coordination with concurrent events.
    4. Events where alcohol is served.
    5. Events where food is available, including catered, store-bought items, donated items, bake sales and potlucks.
    6. Events that pose a high-level of risk
    7. Events that require security from UPD.
    8. Involvement of an outside contractor.
    9. Events that require modification of a facility, road or parking lot closure, traffic revision, or additional support or equipment rental from facilities services personnel.

6.0 Non-compliance

  1. Requirements
    1. All events must be registered via the university’s space-scheduling platform, 25Live , or via the UAF Event Form. Questions can be addressed to the Events Committee at
    2. Events Committee approval is required for the following:
      1. All public events unless there are other specific exemptions listed below.
      2. All events that expect to have over 49 attendees.
    3. Events and any changes to events must be coordinated through the UAF Events Committee.
    4. The only alcoholic beverages allowed at on-campus events are beer and wine. When a UAF branded product is available, it is requested that the event have it as an option. Relevant signage of the UAF product should be included when offering other varieties.
  2. Venues

    University sponsored events must be conducted in university facilities or on university property, whenever possible. Events should be held in the most appropriate, available venues, regardless of which entity manages the venue. Venues must follow the capacity as determined by Fire Code which may vary depending on the setup. Egress and adjacent events may be considered in the determination of appropriate venues.

  3. Safety and Security at Events

    Depending on the size or complexity of an event, additional security or medical support may be required by UAFPD, UFD, and Environmental Health and Safety and Risk Management. The event sponsor may be held responsible for any additional charges incurred for the use of security or other support at events.

    In accordance with the Clery Act, UAF will at times issue campus-wide alerts known as Timely Warnings or Emergency Notices.  These alerts mean there is an ongoing concern for safety and may outline steps the community should take to remain safe.  As a user of a university facility, it is the responsibility of those hosting this event to sign up for university alerts and refer to UAF on Alert for on-going updates. Please check the UAF on Alert website to sign up for non-affiliate alert options. Event coordinators are asked to sign up for Smart911.  Contact the Center for Student Rights and Responsibilities (CSRR) or University Police for questions about the Clery Act and expectations for being aware on campus.

    An event requestor/sponsor will be responsible for the venue’s condition as a result of the event. Financial penalties will be applied for damage or excessive clean up. These penalties will be directly billed by Facilities Services and any other departments or contractors that need to be involved.

    UAF reserves the right to reschedule, postpone, or cancel any event for safety-related reasons (e.g., acts of God, weather emergencies, COVID concerns, other safety or security items at the university’s discretion, etc).

7.0 Exceptions

The following activities do not go through the events approval process. However, they must adhere to the policies that relate to conduct, safety, and liability.

  1. Facilities Use Agreements (FUA) and/or Land Use Permit

    Facilities Use Agreements (FUA) and Land Use Permits must be in place when non-affiliated organizations or external users access university facilities or grounds for over 14 days or 80 hours annually.
  2. Wood Center, Residence Life, and Other Routine Business Operations
    Routine business operations/meetings, including Wood Center, Residence Life, and student clubs should consult with the Events Committee for events with more than 49 attendees. The Wood Center Pub is exempt from the events process as long as it complies with Alaska State law and UAF Policy, or where additional campus-wide coordination is needed.
  3. UAF Athletics competitions and spectator events
    Athletic competitions and spectator events (e.g., exhibitions) are evaluated and managed through the Athletic Director’s office. All other activities other than competitions and spectator events will be subject to review by the events committee (camps, events with minors, not accompanied by parents, or large promotional events outside of normal game competition, etc).
  4. UAF Rural Campus Facility spaces
    Rural Campus facilities manage their own space usage with the oversight and approval of their Directors at each facility location.  Rural Campus facilities will comply with Alaska State law and UAF Policy, or where additional campus-wide coordination is needed

8.0 Procedures

All reported incidents of non-compliance with this policy will be reviewed and may lead to the revocation of event hosting privileges and cancellation of future events.

8.1       Procedures Review and Update

Procedures that support this policy shall be updated as needed. 


This policy is effective as of November 30,2022.

THE policy is approved:


Daniel M. White, Chancellor
University of Alaska Fairbanks