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This is a DocuSign PowerForm used to request any kind of purchase through CARBO. It can be submitted for purchases to be made on a ProCard (under $5,000) or for purchases that need to go through Procurement (Over $5,000).

Please Note: We don't accept requisition forms from outside CNSM.

If you have any questions about the form, please contact the CNSM Academic and Research Business Office,

Custodial Cards are available M-F 8:30am-4:30pm, unless otherwise arranged.

Fill in the name and email for each signing role on the form. Please note: your departmental approver is required to review and sign this form. If you are both requestor and departmental approver, enter your name and email in both fields. If this form is not completed and approved, CARBO cannot release the card for checkout.

Your purchase may require a waiver.  Examples of commonly purchased items requiring a waiver include:

  • Charter
  • Foreign Vendors
  • Gift Cards
  • Hazardous Material
  • Meals in a Restaurant
  • Payments to Individuals
  • Professional services (Consulting, Medical, Accounting, Legal, etc.)
  • Software
  • Used/ Refurbished Items
  • Web Design/ Hosting

For a complete list of items prohibited for purchase, please review the UA ProCard Manual on the Procurement website. Some items on the list may be purchased with prior approval and a waiver; please contact CARBO with questions. Please ensure that the UA ProCard Waiver has been approved prior to checking out the ProCard. If the waiver is not approved, CARBO cannot release the card for checkout.

When the card is returned, please complete the ProCard Custodial Card Check-in and Receipt Submission Form.

If the ProCard is lost or stolen, contact the CNSM Academic and Research Business Office AND the Bank’s 24-hour fraud line (800-316-6056).

If you have any questions please contact the CNSM Academic and Research Business Office,

Use this form to record the return of the Custodial ProCard and submit the receipt for your purchase. 

If CARBO is responsible for reconciling your ProCard transactions, use this form to submit your receipts as well.

Please keep the following in mind when submitting your receipts:

  • Each receipt must be uploaded on a separate entry form.
  • Receipts should be submitted within 24 hours of purchase.
    • If you are unable to obtain a receipt or your receipt is lost, please complete and upload a copy of the Certification of Unavailable Documentation.
  • Supporting documentation must be uploaded with your receipt. The following is an inexhaustive list of documentation to be included:
    • Purchase approval
    • Representational Allowance Form
    • Order confirmation
    • Vendor correspondence
    • Permanent or temporary ProCard waiver. If your purchase requires a ProCard waiver, and you did not complete one prior to the purchase, please complete the UA ProCard Violation Form

If you have any questions regarding this form, please contact the CNSM Academic and Research Business Office,


This is a WuFoo form used to submit BLaST purchases made on BLaST Purchasing Cards to the CARBO team.


General Forms

The CNSM Academic and Research Business Office (CARBO) will process Journal Vouchers weekly on Friday.  You will be able to review the status of your JV request here. 

PLEASE NOTE:  In order to process the correction on a JV, the transaction must have already posted to Banner.  If you are needing to make a correction to a ProCard transaction in JP Morgan, please send an email to

This is a DocuSign Form to securely upload your W9 to the CARBO team.

This form is intended for CNSM departments that wish to pay for student tuition and/or fees not related to their employment.

This form is not for Graduate TA/ RA tuition awards, which are processed as part of their employment contract. If you wish to hire a TA or and RA, please contact Sheri Hall:


Other Resources

For BlaST hiring please submit your request through this WuFoo Form. For all other CNSM HR questions or concerns, contact Sheri Hall. She can be reached by email at or by phone at 907-474-6714.


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