CNSM Celebrating Excellence Awards 2021-2022

Outstanding Students

Hannah Glesener

Biological Sciences:  Hannah Glesener



 Abby Amick

Chemistry:  Abby Amick

I’m graduating this year with a B.S. in Chemistry. I was born and raised in Anchorage and I love to run, hike, and cross country ski. During my 4 years at UAF, I got the chance to work on research with Dr. Guerard and Dr. Murphy involving the study of permafrost lakes using NMR. I really enjoyed this project. I also worked with Dr. Mao on finding a method to quantify the air pollutant HMS. I appreciated the chance to get research experience and to learn what I might like to do in the future. After I graduate, I plan to pursue a state or federal job in chemistry. I’m also excited to continue my hobby of writing and singing songs for piano and guitar. Music has been a huge source of inspiration for me, and I loved taking singing lessons at UAF and meeting new friends through music.

 Cyan Woodward

Geoscience:  Cyan Woodward

My name is Cyan Woodward, and I will be graduating with a B.S. in Geoscience in the spring of 2022. As my undergraduate degree comes to a close, it is a great honor to be recognized by the department, and I thank all the professors and faculty who supported me through my education. One of my biggest goals for the future is to contribute to the climate research that is occurring here in the arctic. I believe that Paleoclimate research will help us understand future ecological and environmental changes, and provide a framework for arctic policy in the years to come.  

Outside of the classroom, I take pride in being active in my community. I am the founder and current President of UAF’s Students of Color Association, and I am also an Honors Scholar, and a soon-to-be Honors College graduate. I look forward to being active in my community even after graduating, and having the opportunity to make positive impacts here in Alaska.

Morgen Crow

Mathematics:  Morgen Crow


 Sphia Bracio

 Wildlife Biology & Conservation:  Sophia Bracio

I recently graduated from UAF with a BS in Wildlife Biology and Conservation in December 2021. I was born in Austria but grew up in Idaho, Alaska, and Germany. The time I spent growing up in Alaska sparked my love for animals and nature, which has guided both my professional and academic aspirations. Alaska’s wilderness especially captivated me and led to my decision to pursue my undergraduate degree in wildlife biology at UAF.

I spent the last 2 years working at the Large Animal Research Station and I recently participated in an aerial moose survey in Gates of the Arctic National Park. This work has been very rewarding and as I gain more experience in the field of wildlife biology I am constantly affirmed in my decision to pursue this path for my future. My next goal is to attend graduate school in the lower 48 and then return to Alaska to find work in the field of wildlife biology. When I am not working I love to spend time outdoors hiking with my dog, fishing, rock climbing, horseback riding, and skiing. I love feeling connected with nature and am most content when I am surrounded by Alaska’s vast wilderness, which helps me clear my mind and refuel to continue working hard to achieve my goals.

Elizabeth Rasmus

Statistics:  Elizabeth Rasmus

I was raised in Fairbanks, Alaska and have long family roots in the Pacific Northwest, spending summers near the ocean with my grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins in Westport, WA. I am a third-year student working towards a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics with a concentration in Statistics. I plan to earn a Master of Science in Statistics and move on to a PhD program. Along with cuddling my cats and reading fantasy and science fiction, collecting and counting things like marbles and cards have been my favorite pastimes. Math has always been one of the clearest windows to the natural world for me. I want to help humanity make sense of our surroundings and current circumstances by reaching to the heart of existing data. I feel my job as a statistician won’t be to make people trust blindly in the numbers, but to make those numbers more inherently trustworthy and applicable to real world problems and solutions.



Brina Kessel Medal for Excellence in Science: Paul Larson

Paul Larson

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