The Bering Strait Region Cooperative Extension serves the residents of Nome and 15 Alaska Native villages in the surrounding 36,000 square miles in western Alaska. The majority of the region's population is Inuit (Yupik, St. Lawrence Island Yupik, and Inupiaq) and resides in villages across the Seward Peninsula. Villages are entirely off the road system requiring commercial airline or private charter for the majority of travel, even between villages. 

Cooperative Extension rents office space from UAF Northwest Campus in Nome. Outreach includes reindeer husbandry education, animal health and disease, summer camps for youth and adults in natural resources, and workshops in food preservation and traditional Native crafts (introduction to tanning skins into leather, leather stitching, and carving with antler, hoofs and bones).


Office Information

To make an appointment, contact Jacqueline Hrabok.

Phone: 907-434-2906

Text message preferred.


We are located at Northwest Campus in the main building. Our physical address is 400 East Front Street, Nome, Alaska 99762-0400

Mailing address

Nome District Office
@UAF Northwest Campus
P.O. Box 400
Nome, AK 99762-0400