Welcome to the Juneau District Office of the UAF Cooperative Extension Service!

Southeast Alaska is defined by the waters, islands, resources and people of the Inside Passage. Fjords, waterfalls, lakes, mountains, and glaciers shape landscapes that are rich with fish, minerals, forests, scenic beauty, and wildlife. For thousands of years, adventurous, capable people have made a successful living in this bountiful region, but there are always unique challenges requiring creative solutions.

To help people meet challenges and create lasting solutions, the Juneau staff and agents offer programs throughout Southeast Alaska. We are constantly working to “take the University to the people” and engage with the people of Southeast to identify and meet the needs of our many and diverse communities.

We have experts in agriculture and horticulture, food security and emergency preparedness, food preservation and safety and more!

Upcoming classes and events

The AK Experience Camp is coming up July 22-28 at the Rainbow Glacier Camp in Haines!
Ferry transportation to and from Haines will be coordinated by camp.

Youth ages 11-18 can come to our fun-filled 7-day residential camp to learn sustainable, outdoor Alaskan skills as you play, hike, camp, fish, kayak and forage with experienced camp leaders. Gain a new awareness about conservation issues, resource management and harvest ethics. Develop your leadership skills and learn to make a difference in your world! And best of all, have fun with new friendships at 4-H camp!

The camp fee is $350, transportation to and from Juneau is $100 and $150 from Sitka. Some scholarships available. For more information on camp you can call or email Sarah at 907-523-3280 Ext.1, sarah.lewis@alaska.edu, or to see pictures from previous years, you can go to»http://bit.ly/AKExperienceCamp.

Registration for camp and travel is available online at http://bit.ly/AKXCamp.  You will also need to register your youth in 4-H, enrollment can be completed at http://bit.ly/4Honline. The $25 fee for 4-H can be paid via credit card at http://bit.ly/4HPayment. Call or email Susie at 907-523-3280 Ext. 0, susie.wilkie@alaska.edu for assistance with enrollment in 4-H.


Pressure Gauge Testing at the Juneau Office

Dial gauges on pressure canners need to be tested for accuracy every year. This free service is offered at the Juneau Extension office. You don't have to bring your whole canner in, but the gauge can still be attached to your lid. Please call ahead to ensure someone is in to test your gauge, 523-3280 or you're welcome to drop it off and pick it up at a later date/time.»


Our Staff and Faculty

Audra Henderson, Nutrition Educator, 907-523-3280 x3, aehenderson@alaska.edu

Darren Snyder, 4-H/Agriculture and Horticulture Agent, 907-523-3280 x2, darren.snyder@alaska.edu

Sarah Lewis, Home, Health & Family Development Agent, 907-523-3280 x1, sarah.lewis@alaska.edu

Susie Wilkie, Southeast Office Administrator, State  4-H Administrator, 907-523-3280 x0 susie.wilkie@alaska.edu
We are located at 712 W. 12th St., Suite 1 in Juneau. You can reach our office at 907-523-3280.
Office Hours: Mon. - Fri. 8 a.m. - 5 p.m., closed from 1 - 2 p.m. 
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Interested in 4-H? Visit the Southeast 4-H website.