The Delta Junction district serves an area centered on the junction of the Alaska Highway and the Richardson Highway in Interior Alaska. This area includes the communities of Delta Junction, Big Delta, Delta Clearwater, Fort Greely and Dry Creek. Approximately 5,100 people live in the area, about a quarter of whom are transient workers in the U.S. armed forces or seasonal workers.

Delta is one of Alaska’s agricultural centers, with oats, barley and hay as the major crops. Outreach includes programs in agriculture and horticulture; integrated pest management; and health, home and family development.


Office Information
Delta Junction photo

1420.5 Alaska Highway(Jarvis Office Center), Delta Junction, Alaska 99801-1574
(Jarvis Office Center, next to the Alaska State Troopers)
Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 349, Delta Junction, AK 99737