Anchorage Outreach Center

Submit your pest, plant or plant disease for identification online with our Citizen Science portal. You can also ask our staff questions online using our Ask an Expert portal.


The Anchorage Outreach Center is open!

We are available by phone or email:

Phone: 907-786-6300
UAF Cooperative Extension Office
Anchorage Outreach Center
219 E International Airport Road, Suite 100
Anchorage, AK 99518-1213
Even when our office is closed, you can download all of our free publications anytime at


If you need to meet with one of our experts, please call to make an appointment before stopping by.

DeShana York: Urban Extension, AKAgrAbility Program
Misha Chakraborty:  Anchorage 4-H Youth Program

Gino Graziano: Invasive Plants

Alex Wenninger: Plant Pests: Insects/Diseases

Leif Albertson: Home Health & Food Preservation
Leann Brown: Expanded Food and Nutrition Educator  


Pressure Canner Gauge Testing

Dial gauges on pressure canners need to be tested for accuracy every year. This free service is offered at the Anchorage Outreach Center. Walk-ins & drop-offs welcome Monday-Thursday from 9a-4p. You may be asked to drop off your gauge for testing and we will notify you when your gauge is ready for pick-up. If you are traveling from out of town or have time constraints please call our main line and make an appointment.


Additional Program Information: 
Soil Testing

Understanding what nutrients are available in your soil for your plants is needed in order to supply your garden with the building blocks to promote healthy and vigorous growth.  Taking a soil sample and analyzing a soil test is the only way to know what nutrients are in your soil and how much fertilizer to apply to your garden. 

Or download one of our free publications on managing Alaska soils for more information on taking a soil sample, selecting a soil testing laboratory and interpreting your results.