Sustainable Agriculture Research & Education

Welcome to Alaska's SARE program
In 1988 Congress established SARE (Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education) to promote ecologically sound agricultural practices, sustain rural communities, and address the disappearance of the family farm. SARE does this by supporting research and educational programs.
In Alaska, sustainable agriculture thrives and is the main way of doing business. The typical farm is a small family farm that has found ways to diversify to survive. Because there are few pests in Alaska, farmers have little reliance on pesticides. We are helping to build rural farming communities in places like Nenana, Delta Junction, Point Mackenzie, and Soldotna. There is a lot to brag about!

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There are several ways we are attempting to strengthen the SARE program in Alaska. Sustainable agricultural educational activities include:

  • Educational programs that build an understanding and reduce reliance on pesticides
  • Networking and education through newsletters, conferences and listservs
  • Encouraging farmers to get more involved in sustainable agricultural practices through grants

The long-term sustainability of Alaska's agricultural community will depend upon cooperation and the sharing of information among ourselves.

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