Climate Symposium: Next Generation Challenges and Opportunities in a Changing World

What does resilience look like for the USDA in the face of ongoing climate change?  How can we work together to create climate-resilient landscapes and rural economic systems?  What does the future of food security look like?  How can we learn from one another, as different regions face very different challenges?


This symposium will start with an overview of the latest science and data at the global level, including long-term climate projections from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and an introduction to the best online tools and resources for visualizing, understanding, summarizing, and sharing pertinent climate change information.  We’ll then move on to an in-depth discussion of regional and local adaptation options and tools to support agriculture, subsistence activities, healthy ecosystems, and rural communities.

Students will not only learn about the science of climate change, but will also have a chance to (virtually) meet members of their own cohorts and institutions as well as others (Alaska, Hawaii, Arizona, and Guam).  Brainstorming and discussion in small breakout groups will focus on discovering similarities, differences, common goals, and joint solutions.

Hands-on access to online tools will teach students where to find information for further exploration on their own.  After the Symposium, participants will have access to all the collated and annotated learning materials, including links to tools, datasets, educational resources, and online modules. 

Nancy Fresco

Nancy Fresco

Associate Research Professor

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This symposium is open to all. Participants have the option to attend two separate 2-hour sessions or a single full 4-hour session.
Attendance of 4 hours in total is required.

Symposium Registration Date Alaska Time Arizona Time Hawaii-Aleutian Time Guam Time
NextGen: Climate Symposium-Part 1 (2 hours)  Zoom Link Tuesday, April 2 3 - 5 PM 4 - 6 PM 1 - 3 PM 9 - 11 AM

NextGen: Climate Symposium-Part 2 (2 hours) 

Zoom Link Wednesday, April 3 3 - 5 PM 4 - 6 PM 1 - 3 PM 9 - 11 AM
NextGen: Climate Symposium (Part 1 & 2) - 4 hours
Zoom Link Friday, April 5 2 - 6 PM 3 - 7 PM 12 - 4 PM 8 AM - 12 PM
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