Pesticide Safety

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Pesticide Safety Education Program (PSEP) Class - April 6 -8, 2021

The Pesticide Safety Education Program (PSEP) provides training for people in Alaska who:

  • apply restricted use pesticides
  • apply any pesticides on property other than their own or their employers
  • apply pesticides on public school (K-12) grounds and facilities

All of these situations require the applicator to be a certified pesticide applicator with the Alaska DEC Pesticide Branch.


Part of our program includes 8 self-paced online classes that qualify for CEUs for Certified Pesticide Applicators. The classes are available online for free, but if CEUs are desired there is a registration fee.  Course topics include bird vetch, controlling the spread of invasive plants and more.

The secondary purpose of PSEP is to provide consumers and the public with information on pesticide safety and pesticide hazards. The program encourages communication between pesticide safety educators, pesticide regulators, pesticide applicators and the public. PSEP is a workforce training program and an environmental conservation program.

The Pesticide Safety Training Program is a partnership between the

For additional information regarding the Alaska Pesticide Safety Education Program, please contact Phil Kaspari: