The table below lists the degrees and programs currently offered at UAF. Special training programs, occupational endorsements and pre-professional opportunities can be found lower on the page.

NOTE: Programs noted with an * were approved after the printed catalog was published. Please see the catalog addendum for more information about these programs.

Undergraduate Majors   Graduate Majors
A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z   A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
Accounting: minor, bachelor's   Anthropology: master's, doctoral
Accounting, Applied: minor, associate   Arctic Engineering: master's
Accounting Technician: certificate   Art: master's
Airframe: certificate   Atmospheric Sciences: master's, doctoral
Airframe and Powerplant: certificate   Biochemistry and Molecular Biology: master's, doctoral
Alaska Native Languages: minor   Biological Sciences: doctoral
Alaska Native Studies: minor, bachelor's   Biology: master's
Anthropology: minor, bachelor's   Business Administration: master's
Apprenticeship Technologies: associate   Chemistry: master's
Arctic Skills: minor Civil Engineering: master's
Art: minor, bachelor's   Communication, Professional: master's
Arts and Sciences: bachelor's   Computer Science: master's ^Top
Asian Studies: minor   Construction Management*: graduate certificate
Associate of Arts: associate Counseling: master's
Associate of Science: associate Creative Writing: master's
Automotive Technology: certificate   Cross-Cultural Studies: master's  
Aviation Maintenance: associate Economics, Resource and Applied: master's
Aviation Technology: minor   Education*: licensure, master's
Biological Sciences: minor, bachelor's   Electrical Engineering: master's
Business Administration: minor, bachelor's   Engineering: doctoral
Business, Applied: minor, associate   Engineering Management: master's
Business Management, Applied: certificate   English: master's
Chemistry: minor, bachelor's   Environmental Chemistry: master's, doctoral
Child Development and Family Studies: bachelor's
Environmental Engineering: master's
Civil Engineering: bachelor's   Environmental Quality Science: master's
Communication: minor, bachelor's Fisheries: master's, doctoral
Community Health: certificate, associate   General Science: master's
Computer Engineering: bachelor's   Geological Engineering: master's ^Top
Computer Science: minor, bachelor's   Geology: master's, doctoral
Construction Management: associate Geophysics: master's, doctoral
Construction Trades Technology: certificate, associate   Indigenous Studies*: doctoral  
Culinary Arts: certificate, associate   Interdisciplinary Studies: master's, doctoral  
Dental Assistant: certificate, associate Justice, Administration of: master's  
Dental Hygiene: associate   Linguistics, Applied: master's
Diesel and Heavy Equipment: certificate   Marine Biology: master's, doctoral
Drafting Technology: certificate   Mathematics: master's, doctoral
Early Childhood Education: minor, certificate, associate   Mechanical Engineering: master's
Earth Science: bachelor's   Mineral Preparation Engineering: master's
Economics: minor, bachelor's   Mining Engineering: master's
Education, Elementary: minor, bachelor's, licensure   Music: master's
Education, Secondary: licensure   Natural Resources and Sustainability: doctoral
Educator: Para-Professional: certificate, associate Natural Resources Management: master's  
Electrical Engineering: bachelor's   Natural Resources Management and Geography: master's
Emergency Management: bachelor's Northern Studies: master's
Emergency Services: minor, associate   Oceanography: master's, doctoral
English: minor, bachelor's   Petroleum Engineering: master's ^Top
Environmental Politics: minor   Physics: master's, doctoral
Environmental Studies*: certificate   Physics, Computational: master's  
Eskimo, Inupiaq: minor, bachelor's   Physics, Space: master's, doctoral  
Eskimo, Yup'ik: minor, bachelor's   Psychology, Clinical-Community: doctoral
Ethnonbotony*: certificate   Rural Development: master's
Film Studies: minor   Science Management: master's
Fisheries: minor, bachelor's   Software Engineering: master's
Foreign Languages: minor, bachelor's   Statistics: master's, graduate certificate*
General Science: bachelor's Wildlife Biology and Conservation: master's
Geography: minor, bachelor's    
Geological Engineering: bachelor's    
Geology: minor, bachelor's
Global Studies: minor   Special Training Programs
Health Care Reimbursement: certificate   Food Science and Nutrition
High Latitude Range Management: certificate   Law Enforcement Academy
History: minor, bachelor's   Paramedic Academy
Human Services: minor, associate Welding and Materials Technology
Information Technology Specialist: certificate, associate   ^Top
Instrumentation Technology: certificate   Occupational Endorsements
Interdisciplinary Studies: associate, bachelor's   Administrative Assistant
Japanese Studies: bachelor's   Bookkeeping Technician
Journalism: minor, bachelor's   Entry Level Welder
Justice: minor, bachelor's Financial Services Representive
Law and Society: minor
Medical Billing
Leadership and Civic Engagement: minor Medical Coding
Linguistics: minor, bachelor's   Medical Office Reception
Mathematics: minor, bachelor's   Nurse Aide
Mechanical Engineering: bachelor's Rural Human Services
Medical Assistant: certificate, associate   Rural Utilities Business Management  
Medical/Dental Reception: certificate   ^Top
Military Science and Leadership: minor   Pre-Professional Opportunities
Mining Applications and Technologies: certificate Dentistry
Mining Engineering: bachelor's
Music: minor, bachelor's   Library Science
Native Language Education: certificate, associate Medicine
Natural Resources Management: minor, bachelor's   Pharmacy
Northern Studies: minor, bachelor's   Physical Therapy
Nursing Qualifications, Pre-*: certificate Physician Assistant
Paralegal Studies: minor, associate   Veterinary Medicine  
Petroleum Engineering: bachelor's      
Philosophy: minor, bachelor's     ^Top
Physics: minor, bachelor's    
Physics, Applied: bachelor's  
Piloting, Professional: associate    
Political Science: minor, bachelor's    
Power Generation: certificate  
Powerplant: certificate  
Process Technology: associate    
Psychology: minor, bachelor's  
Renewable Resources: associate    
Rural Development: minor, bachelor's  
Rural Human Services: certificate    
Russian Studies: minor, bachelor's  
Safety, Health and Environmental Awareness Technology: certificate    
Social Work: minor, bachelor's  
Sociology: minor, bachelor's    
Sport Management: minor  
Statistics: minor, bachelor's    
Technology: bachelor's    
Theatre: minor, bachelor's    
Tribal Management: certificate, associate  
Veterinary Science: certificate    
Wildlife Biology and Conservation: minor, bachelor's    
Women's Studies: minor  
Yup'ik Language and Culture: bachelor's    
Yup'ik Language Proficiency: certificate, associate     ^Top