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Department of Alaska Native and Rural Development
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B.A., M.A. Degree

Minimum Requirements for Degree: 30 credits

The Department of Alaska Native and Rural Development (DANRD) M.A. program is designed to educate leaders who understand the dynamic relationship of rural Alaska with the global economy and who have professional skills in areas of leadership, business development, administration and conflict management. Graduates typically take positions with tribal and municipal governments, fisheries, tourism, Native corporations, regional health corporations or non-profits, state/federal agencies, or other private businesses.

Graduate degree students gain a broader theoretical understanding of development processes in Alaska and the circumpolar North. Graduate students complete a thesis or applied community development project, and have opportunities for international study and research.

Students can earn the M.A. degree either on the Fairbanks campus or through distance delivery. Special application requirements and deadlines apply for distance M.A. degree programs. For more information contact the department toll-free 1-800-770-9531 or visit our website at

Graduate Program — M.A. Degree

  1. Complete the general university requirements.
  2. Complete the master's degree requirements.
  3. Complete the following core courses:
    RD F600—Circumpolar Indigenous Leadership Symposium—3 credits
    RD F601—Political Economy of the Circumpolar North—3 credits
    RD F625—Community Development Strategies: Principles and Practices—3 credits
    RD F650—Community-Based Research Methods—3 credits
    RD F651—Management Strategies for Rural Development—3 credits
  4. Complete 9 – 12 elective credits at the F600-level (up to 6 credits may be at the F400-level with approval from the graduate committee):
    RD F425—Cultural Impact Analysis—3 credits
    RD F652—Indigenous Organization Management—3 credits
    RD F655—Circumpolar Health Issues—3 credits
    ANTH F610—Northern Indigenous Peoples and Contemporary Issues—3 credits
    CCS F608—Indigenous Knowledge Systems—3 credits
  5. Complete one of the following:
    Research Project—6 credits
    Thesis—6 – 9 credits
  6. Minimum credits required—30 credits