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Minimum Requirements for Certificate: 30 credits

Planning and preparation are keys to success in business. The applied business management certificate provides students with the basic principles necessary to run a business effectively. Graduates of the program will have the foundation of contemporary management skills needed to successfully lead private, public and non-profit organizations through ever-changing social and economic conditions.

The program covers basic knowledge and skills, emerging technologies, advanced procedures, and interpersonal skills. Course work includes accounting, management, human relations, math, communications, customer service, computers, law, finance and logic. The curriculum also serves as the first year of training toward the A.A.S. degree in applied business.

Potential careers for graduates include entrepreneurship and entry-level positions in business management, tourism, human resources, public administration and office administration.

Certificate Program

  • Concentrations: Computer Applications, Finance, General Business, Human Resources, International Business, Marketing, Office Administration, Public Management, Recreational Guiding and Tourism.
    1. Complete the general university requirements.
    2. Complete the following certificate requirements:
      1. Complete 3 credits from one of the following communication courses:
        ABUS F170—Business English (3)
             or ABUS F271—Business Communications (3)
             or ENGL F111X—Introduction to Academic Writing (3)
             or ENGL F212—Business, Grant, and Report Writing (3)—3 credits
      2. Complete one of the following computation requirements:
        ABUS F155—Business Math (3)
             or any MATH course at the F100-level or above (3)—3 credits
      3. Complete the following human relations course:
        ABUS F154—Human Relations—3 credits
    3. Complete the following general business courses:
      ABUS F101—Principles of Accounting I (3)
           or ABUS F142—Office Accounting I (3)—3 credits
      BA F151—Introduction to Business—3 credits
      CIOS elective appropriate to skill level—3 credits
    4. Complete one of the following concentrations:
      Computer Applications
      CIOS F100-level or above word processing elective—3 credits
      CIOS F100-level or above microcomputer spreadsheet elective—3 credits
      CIOS F100-level or above microcomputer database elective—3 credits
      CIOS F100-level or above microcomputer graphics of web design elective—3 credits

      ABUS F120—Finance and Personal Investing—3 credits
      ABUS F160—Principles of Banking—3 credits
      ABUS F210—Income Tax—3 credits
      ABUS F233—Financial Management—3 credits
      CIOS F135—Microcomputer Spreadsheets—3 credits
      Note: CIOS F135 is the required CIOS general business core elective for this certificate.

      General Business
      ABUS F201—Principles of Accounting II (3)
           or ABUS F210—Income Tax (3)
           or ABUS F220—QuickBooks Accounting (3)
           or ABUS F221—Microcomputer Accounting (3)
           or ABUS F235—Fund Accounting for Non-Profits (3)—3 credits
      ABUS F179—Fundamentals of Supervision—3 credits
      ABUS F232—Contemporary Management Issues—3 credits
      ABUS F260—Marketing Practices (3)
           or ABUS F263—Public Relations (3)—3 credits

      Human Resources
      ABUS F141—Payroll Accounting—3 credits
      ABUS F179—Fundamentals of Supervision—3 credits
      ABUS F231—Introduction to Personnel—3 credits
      ABUS F242—Employment Law—3 credits

      International Business
      ABUS F178—Business and Professional Presentations—3 credits
      ABUS F275—Applied International Business—3 credits
      PS F201—Comparative Politics—3 credits
      Foreign language elective—3 credits

      ABUS F175—Customer Service—3 credits
      ABUS F178—Business and Professional Presentations—3 credits
      ABUS F260—Marketing Practices (3)
           or ABUS F263—Public Relations (3)—3 credits
      CIOS F200-level graphics or web design elective—3 credits

      Office Administration
      ABUS F102C—Keyboarding: Document Formatting—1 credit
      ABUS F116—Using 10-Key Calculators—1 credit
      ABUS F134—Alphabetic Filing—1 credit
      ABUS F170—Business English—3 credits
      ABUS F182—Office Procedures—3 credits
      ABUS F264—Filing/Records Management—3 credits

      Public Management
      ABUS F235—Fund Accounting—3 credits
      PS F100X—Political Economy—3 credits
      PS F101—Introduction to American Government and Politics—3 credits
      PS F212—Introduction to Public Administration—3 credits

      Recreational Guiding
      ABUS F175—Customer Service—3 credits
      NRM F161—Wilderness Leadership Education—3 credits
      EMS F152—Emergency Trauma Training First Responder (3)
           or EMS F195—Wilderness First Responder (3)
           or more advanced Emergency First Responder
           Training (3)—3 credits
      RECR electives—3 credits

      ABUS F158—Introduction to Tourism—3 credits
      ABUS F175—Customer Service—3 credits
      ABUS F199—Practicum in Applied Business—3 credits
      ABUS F256—Small Hotel, Bed and Breakfast, and Lodge Operations (1-3)
           or ABUS F267—Transportation and Logistics
           Management (1-3)
           or ABUS F268—Rural Tourism: Planning and
           Principles (1-3)
           or ABUS F269—Food and Beverage Management (1-3)—3 credits
    5. Minimum credits required—30 credits
  • Note: Other courses specific to individual education and career goals may be substituted with program approval.