Asian Studies

College of Liberal Arts

Minor only

A minor in Asian studies provides interdisciplinary instruction in the varieties of Asian languages and cultures. It enables students to consolidate various course offerings into a meaningful and cohesive program relevant to several major fields of specialization. (Combining a Japanese Studies major with an Asian Studies minor requires approval from both programs.)


  1. Complete 15 credits in approved Asian studies courses:*
    1. Department of Foreign Languages
      CHNS F101—Elementary Chinese I—5 credits
      CHNS F102—Elementary Chinese II—5 credits
      CHNS F201—Intermediate Chinese—4 credits
      CHNS F202—Intermediate Chinese II—4 credits
      JPN F101—Elementary Japanese I—5 credits
      JPN F102—Elementary Japanese II—5 credits
      JPN F201—Intermediate Japanese I—4 credits
      JPN F202—Intermediate Japanese II—4 credits
    2. Department of Geography
      GEOG F311W—Geography of Asia—3 credits
    3. Department of History
      HIST F121—East Asian Civilization—3 credits
      HIST F122—East Asian Civilization—3 credits
      HIST F330—Modern China—3 credits
      HIST F331—Modern Japan—3 credits
      HIST F333—Foundations of Japanese History—3 credits
      HIST/WMS F414—Women and Gender in East Asian History—3 credits
    4. Department of Philosophy
      PHIL F202—Introduction to Eastern Philosophy—3 credits
    5. Department of Political Science
      PS F464W—East Asian Governments and Politics—3 credits
  2. Minimum credits required—15 credits

* Courses must be distributed among at least three departments and include material on at least two Asian countries. Students are strongly encouraged to include a semester or more of Asian language.