Food Science and Nutrition

School of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences
School of Natural Resources and Agricultural Sciences

Food science is the study of the chemical, biological and engineering aspects of food and its components. Knowledge from diverse scientific disciplines is integrated to develop new methods for processing and fabricating foods while assuring safe, nutritious and acceptable products.

From a chemical, microbiological and physical standpoint, food is the most complex of all natural products. Food science is a high-technology field; the results of research and development reach people and animals daily as safe, nutritious and acceptable foods.

This program emphasizes the food uses of fish, game and other traditional foods. It provides students majoring in a natural science, engineering, northern agriculture or management with a strong emphasis area in food science and nutrition. The food industry is the largest employer in the United States, and job openings are available for people trained as food technologists.

The following courses are part of the food science and nutrition program:

FISH F261—Introduction to Seafood Science and Nutrition—3 credits
FISH/FSN F460—Food Science andTechnology Internship—3 – 6 credits
NRM F321—Applied Animal Nutrition—3 credits