Cutler Apartment Complex

1030 Kuskokwim Way, Units 1-6

Cutler Apt ComplexUAF photo by JR Ancheta


The Howard Cutler Apartment Complex townhouse units were opened in 1984 as the Student Apartment Complex, often called SAC. The 59 two-bedroom units and one four-bedroom unit accommodate 240 students. Cutler is coed and also offers units where students can live with any student — regardless of sex, gender, gender identity or expression. Each apartment is fully furnished, including a kitchen, living area and a full bathroom. Two laundry facilities serve the residents. The state’s One Percent for Art Program provided the stained glass in each entryway. 

Howard Cutler was chancellor from 1975–1981; he was the first chancellor of the University of Alaska Fairbanks after the university became a statewide system. In 1981, Cutler assumed the position of regents’ professor of economics at UAF. He received the rank of chancellor emeritus and regents’ professor emeritus at Commencement 1983. He died in 1995.

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