B&W Honors Program

The UAF Honors College provides opportunities for students to pursue excellence in academic and personal development. It fosters critical and independent thinking and helps students become informed, responsible, and active citizens. The Honors program accommodates entering freshmen, transfer students, and high-achieving UAF sophomores and juniors, providing a flexible curriculum that can be completed by students in all majors. Many of the core curriculum courses have honors sections, and students are encouraged to complete as many of these core courses in honors sections as their schedules permit. In addition, students are welcome to work with individual professors to contract other upper division courses for honors credit.

As a biology student, the Honors program has offered me a great community of like-minded students and encourages all of us to use the knowledge we've gained in class in a new way. The Honors program has enabled me to personalize my learning and investigate topics of interest to me. I've learned more about the field of biology through the lens of dentistry, my future career, and have a newfound interest in research in that field of study.Christina Mondelli , Biology & Wildlife Major and Honors Student