Equipment Request Form

This form is to be used by:

  1. Students requesting the use of equipment for independent student research projects associated with a UAF Biology and Wildlife course. This includes research undertaken as Biology and Wildlife research credit. The instructor for the course is expected to train the student on the proper use and care of the equipment.
  2. Individuals associated with UAF's Biology and Wildlife department for efforts in direct support of Biology and Wildlife's educational mission, for example, outreach education.
  3. Individuals or organizations associated with UAF seeking to use B&W equipment for professional research applications. Academic (course) use of equipment is the main priority. Research use may be scheduled if it does not interfere with teaching.

Requests should be submitted a minimum of two weeks before the requested item is needed. Submission of this form does NOT guarantee that you will be given access to the equipment you request. You will be notified of the status of your request within one week of its submission.

Note: Requests to borrow equipment for use in the completion of a course taught through another university or campus will be denied. The home institution for your course is expected to provide the equipment necessary for successful completion of the course. The Biology and Wildlife Department at UAF does not have the resources for both our own and other institutions.

Include quantity needed.
Please give a specific room and building number if the equipment will be used in a lab, or a specific field location if it will be used for field work.
The following fields are required for requests associated with student projects. Please make sure the email address for the instructor or faculty supervisor is correct so we may contact them for their approval.