COVID-19 Vaccination Requirement for In-Person Labs

The UAF Provost has issued a requirement for full COVID-19 vaccination status in courses with high contact and high duration during spring 2022. These include some biology courses with in-person labs. If you are in a course that has this requirement, you must have completed the verification process by Friday, January 21, 2022, or you will be dropped from the course. Please scroll down to the "Verification Procedures" section for locations and times you can be verified prior to the deadline.

Which biology courses are affected?

A list of BIOL courses and individual sections affected by the vaccine requirement appears below. Note that some of these classes also have online lab sections available that would be excellent choices for those with vaccine exemptions and those who do not wish to be vaccinated. 

CRN of course or lab section affected

Course number

Course Name

36031 and 36032 only


Human Anatomy & Physiology II

36040 and labs 36037, 36039, 39265


Fundamentals of Biology II

38547 only


Principles of Genetics

35243 all labs


Animal Physiology

38550 only


Systematic Botany

34304 only










A full list of courses with vaccine requirements is available through the Provost’s office.

If you need academic advice to choose alternative courses for your degree, please contact Amy Wald ( or your faculty advisor. 


Who needs to be vaccinated?

Al participants in the lab classes listed above must have completed a CDC approved COVID-19 vaccination regime by January 7, 2022. Because it takes some time following a final dose of vaccine for immunization to be complete, the deadline for receiving a vaccine is coming up soon. The latest dates for vaccination for each of the three types of vaccine are as follows. 

COVID-19 Vaccine type

Dose 1 latest date

Dose 2 latest date


Jan 7, 2022



Dec 17, 2021

Jan 7, 2022


Dec 10, 2022

Jan 7, 2022

Students who wish to request a medical or religious exemption from the vaccine requirement will find instructions on the Provost’s website


Verification Procedure for Biology Students

Once you have received your last dose of vaccine you will need to have your vaccination status verified by January 14, 2022. You will need to have your official vaccination records and photo ID, and be able to clearly display these to the verifier. If you join by Zoom, please wait in the Zoom waiting room until the verifier is able to let you in to verify your documents. UAF will NOT keep copies of your documents.

If those times do not work for you, there are two additional verifiers in the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics you can contact:

Students who remain unverified after January 21, 2022 will automatically be dropped from the course by the CNSM Dean's Office.

Vaccination is good biology and, along with masking, an effective way to protect yourself and promote the health and well-being of our UAF community during this pandemic. Thank you for doing your part!

Please write the department at if you have questions or concerns.