Biomedical Science

Researchers in biomedical science within the Department of Biology and Wildlife draw on the unique environment of Alaska to better understand human health from a broad range of perspectives. Biomedical faculty are a multi-disciplinary group with backgrounds spanning ecology, nutrition, epidemiology, virology, zoophysiology, neurobiology, exercise physiology, cancer, and molecular biology. Research takes place in laboratories, natural field settings, and communities, where faculty and students study the role of diet in disease, the biological basis of anxiety disorders, ways to promote health in Alaska Native communities, the role of DNA repair in cancer, the diagnosis and prevalence of viral pathogens, human resilience to biological and environmental stress, hibernation as a model for mitigating human responses to trauma, and physiological responses to environmental change. Students studying biomedical science go on to work in medicine, academia, industry, and nonprofit agencies, including tribal health organizations.

Faculty doing research in this area:
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