Solar Professionals Installation Training

Become part of the Solar Energy Workforce!


The UAF Bristol Bay Campus Sustainable Energy program is sponsoring a Solar Professionals Instructors Training May 8 to 15, 2023in Dillingham, AK.

Students will spend 8 days learning the fundamentals and practical science behind solar electric systems and installation design through both coursework and hands-on experience. Students will also begin their path as the first cohort of solar electric trainers in Alaska to earn the ability to teach SEI PV101 curriculum with mini-labs and battery based system basics.

This is a continuing education opportunity. Students wishing to gain instructor level will be required to attend future trainings through the Bristol Bay Campus. Additional opportunities provided through campus resources and/or professional on the job training also will contribute toward student qualifications to becoming an instructor.

Students will also receive University of Alaska Fairbanks credits at no extra cost due to the generous support of the USDA Drumbeats Consortium. These credits will count toward the Sustainable Energy Occupational Endorsement Certificate and as electives in several other degree programs.

Out of town students are eligible for FREE housing, they just need to notify the instructor for approval to fill out the student travel form. Due to budget constraints, in order to receive this benefit participants must be willing to share a room with another student OR pay half of a single room rate at their own expense.  Students will need to arrive in Dillingham on May 7th and depart May 16th.

Once students get to Dillingham, they will be required to fill out a risk waiver form. In addtion, please review the insurance brochure.

How to register:

  1. Review the syllabus for the training
  2. Fill out the registration form for UAF credit
  3. Fill out the student travel form

If you have any questions, please contact:

Eric Goddard

Assistant Professor

Sustainable Energy / Environmental Studies