Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree in Anthropology

B.A. at a glance

Beyond the 5 core courses, social/cultural concentrators must select 6 electives (4 at the 400-level) from an array of theory-and-method, ethnographic, and topical courses.

The theory-and-method courses offer training in sub-disciplinary specializations, such as economic or political anthropology, and provide both an extension of ideas learned earlier and analytical tools that can be used in topical and ethnographic courses. Ethnographic courses afford students the opportunity to come to know particular culture areas well. The Department of Anthropology also offers special Topic Courses, which allow the students to receive advanced training on current topics in which faculty members specialize.

Degree requirements

Consider an honors degree

We highly encourage all anthropology majors to consider matriculating in the Honors College in order to complete an undergraduate Honors Capstone Project.

The Honors Capstone Project is meant to be the culmination of the Honors experience for each student in the Honors College. The Honors Capstone requirement is intended to provide the student with a scholarly endeavor incorporating the range of concepts and techniques learned during the undergraduate career, as well as the synthesis of knowledge gained during college. The goal is for the student to be exposed to a set of perspectives, and through critical thinking to develop a novel perspective. Students develop a project with a faculty adviser in an area of interest to the student.

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