Master of Arts (M.A.) degree in Anthropology

M.A. at a glance

The master's degree program prepares students to:

  1. pursue more advanced training leading to a PhD in anthropology,
  2. teach anthropology within secondary education and/or undergraduate levels of higher education, or
  3. pursue career positions in various levels of government and business in which anthropological training and/or expertise is beneficial.

M.A. students will acquire a comprehensive understanding of their subfield of concentration including its history, current theoretical perspectives, and research methodologies. They will furthermore be able to write fundable research proposals and produce professional reports and/or publishable papers and/or museum projects. Students will be able to independently design and conduct archival, laboratory and/or field research.

Current and prospective anthropology graduate students should also directly contact a member of the faculty that would potentially serve as a thesis advisor.

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