About Ellie

UAF student ambassador Ellie

Student Ambassador

Hometown: Sandpoint, Idaho
Major: Geography
Concentration: Climate Change 

Hi, I’m Ellie, a geography student with a concentration in climate change and landscape analysis. When looking for the college I wanted to attend, I really wanted to find a tight-knit community. Coming from a small town in Idaho, I wanted to feel comfortable getting engaged. At UAF, I’ve been able to find my community and have participated in dozens of events. Some of my favorite activities are the Starvation Gulch build, on campus seminars on various subjects, climbing at the SRC, and showing spirit at every hockey game. Since starting at UAF, I have contemplated continuing my education here with a master’s degree in atmospheric sciences, but I am also eager to earn my commercial pilot’s license. So while I always find myself looking towards the sky, the community I have found at UAF has certainly kept me grounded. See what I did there? I look forward to sharing more about UAF with you!