AFES West Ridge Greenhouse 

Ongoing research in the greenhouse investigates opportunities to extend the growing season for local year-round production and food security. Studies include the development of efficient techniques for using local resources, lighting technologies and renewable energies to produce high quality nutritious leafy greens and other crops.

Yellow plants

Agricultural Soils Lab

The UAF Agricultural Soils Lab is located at the Matanuska Experiment Farm and Extension Center in Palmer, Alaska. We can conduct basic soil physical, chemical, and biological analyses to support research focusing on understanding the nature of agricultural soils in Alaska and how different management practices influence soil function and plant growth.

Freshly prepared plot of land with a view of the mountains

Alaska Boreal Forest Soils Lab

Established in 1967 as the Forest Soils Lab, this shared-use facility supports research into the Alaska boreal forest’s response to climate and environmental change. Research focuses on  plant, soil, or ecosystem physiological responses, like photosynthesis and water use, to climate, soil conditions, and other factors. The lab is located at 335 O’Neill on the UAF Troth Yeddha campus.

Autumn leaves

Delta Research Fields

Two plots, one of 360 acres and an adjoining 80-acre parcel with utility buildings, are located in the Delta Junction agriculture region. They are used as test plots for small grains and cover crops in conjunction with research at the Matanuska and Fairbanks experiment farms.  

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Fairbanks Experiment Farm

The Fairbanks Experiment Farm is composed of the farm, offices, laboratories and greenhouses. It is located on W. Tanana Drive on the UAF campus and includes 260 acres of cropland and and 50 acres of forest land for research and demonstration projects. The Fairbanks Experiment Farm is also home to the Georgeson Botanical Garden.


Georgeson Botanical Garden

Georgeson Botanical Garden, a nationally recognized botanical garden, sits on the eastern side of the Fairbanks Experiment Farm, 2180 W Tanana Drive. Nine out of the garden’s 20 acres are maintained with herbs, ornamental trees, vegetables and flowers that flourish within 100 miles of the Arctic Circle. Its mission includes research, education and outreach about high-latitude horticulture.



Matanuska Experiment Farm

The Matanuska Experiment Farm is a working research farm serving the Southcentral Alaska community. It encompasses 260 acres of cultivated land and 800 acres of forest land for research or demonstration purposes, including barns, feed storage facilities and pastureland. The Matanuska Experiment Farm is also home to the Mat-Su/Copper River District Cooperative Extension Service office.

Research building

STEAM Studio

The STEAM (STEM + ART) studio, classroom and kitchen houses OneTree Alaska, an interdisciplinary program focusing on boreal forest education, plant phenology, climate change, birch sap tapping, and using art to interpret and illustrate science. 

Classroom full of chairs and desks