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The UAF Department of Theatre and Film provides undergraduate BA degrees and minors in both Theatre and Film.

Theatre BA students gain a broad knowledge of Theatre Arts while focusing in-depth on Acting, Directing, or Design and Technical Theatre.

Our Film BA is an interdisciplinary program that offers classes through the Theatre & Film, Journalism, English, and Art departments.

All of our students gain practical experience through participating in main-stage productions, working on professional film sets, and interacting closely with faculty advisors and mentors. Through teaching and production work, our department prepares students to succeed professionally in the Theatre and Film industries, while educating students across disciplines in the fundamental skills of collaboration, communication, and creativity.

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What's New<s>:

Current happenings

Safety Meeting(s) coming up!

Important Dates, fall 2014

Tuesday & Thursday

All majors (who did not atttend last year's "Safety Meetings") are REQUIRED to attend Safety Training in order to be allowed to reserve rehearsal space and check out film equipment, costumes, and props. 
Mandatory for Theatre AND Film majors:  Tuesday, September 16th, 1:05 pm to 1:50 pm , in the Green Room. 
Mandatory for FILM majors only:  Thursday, September 18th, 1:05 pm to 1:50 pm , in the Green Room.  
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