Current and Past Research Projects


This map features current (red dots) and past (blue dots) research projects conducted by the UA Museum Archaeology staff


Current Research

Alaska Summer Research Academy (ASRA) Projects

Archaeology of Late Prehistoric Lakeside Settlements in Northwest Alaska

Archaeology of the Central Alaska Peninsula

Human Settlement along the Pacific Coast of the Alaska Peninsula - Amalik Bay

Paleoindian Adaptations in Eastern Beringia: Prelude or Postscript to the Early Settlement of the Americas?

Historical Archaeology of Snare Creek: Documenting the History of a Han Athabascan Community in the Coal Creek MIning District

Prehistoric-use and Geochemical Characterization of Rhyolite


Collection Preservation

Managing Collections from the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System Corridor

National Park Service Archaeological Collections Management

Amchitka Island Collections Management

Managing Archaeological Collections from Army Lands in Alaska


Recent Projects

Save America's Treasures: Preserving the 1934-35 DOI-ACE Collections

Evidence of Thule Occupation at Kukulik: Re-Evaluating the Meat Cache 35 Assemblage

Historical Archaeology of Marion Creek, Alaska: Placer Gold Mining and the Capitalist World-System

Ecology and Subsistence Technology Along the Noatak and Kobuk Rivers during the Late Prehistoric Time Period

Late Prehistoric Interaction Networks in Northwest Alaska: a Study of Hunter-Gatherer Ceramic Production and Distribution in the Arctic


Historical Archaeology Collection and Curation

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Adkins, Charles. 2011. What to do with a Cartridge Case, a Bullet, or a Primer. Paper presented at the 38th Annual Meeting of the Alaska Anthropological Association, Fairbanks, AK.

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