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Help us tell Alaska's story!

Our museum is as unique as the northern culture and land we celebrate, and we are proud to have a strong group of supporters that believe in what we can accomplish together. No other institution tells the story of Alaska, past and present, like the University of Alaska Museum of the North

We have a responsibility to ensure the integrity and accessibility of our collections, now and for years to come. We take that responsibility seriously.  With less than 30% of our operating expenses coming from state sources, we rely on a broad range of support to ensure the success of our mission.


Members and Donors 

The museum’s membership program raises over $46,000 annually from more than 700 members.  Members receive free admission to the museum, gift store discounts, and othe benefits that allow us to say thank you for supporting the work we do.

Corporate Support

Regional and national businesses are a key component of our funding. We maximize the exposure for our supporters and strive to highlight their involvement and impact on our collections and daily operations.

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