Travel Delegate

Manage & Arrange Travel on Behalf of a Non-Employee

Our non-employee students and guests do not undergo travel training and are not familiar with the travel regulations, policies and procedures set forth by UA. Therefore, it remains the travel delegate's (i.e. the individual arranging and managing travel) responsibility to manage all portions of travel for non-employee students and guests.

Delegates are also expected to advise their non-employee travelers of UA regulations and procedures as they apply to the trip (e.g. receipt requirements, car rental rate class allowances, personal travel restrictions, etc.). Our travel regulations and procedures apply to all travelers regardless of their employment relationship with UA.

We do not set the expectation that non-employees manage any of their travel in Concur. The only portions they are required to complete in Concur are filling out remaining profile information (e.g. TSA and emergency contacts) and students submitting the final Expense Report.

Delegate Responsibilities

  1. Initiate profile creation and provide any required information
  2. Complete and submit the Travel Request
  3. Book travel from the approved Request
  4. Complete the Expense Report including make corrections if returned by the campus travel Processor

Act as a Delegate

  1. Login to your UA Concur account
  2. Navigate to the upper right-hand corner of the Concur dashboard and select the drop-down menu on Profile
  3. Under “Acting as other user,” search for a traveler by name, UA ID or email address
  4. Select the approver and click “Start Session”
  5. To select a different account, follow steps 2-4 again (you do not need to end the current delegate session)
  6. To end delegate session, open the Profile menu and click “Done acting for others”

Hot Tip: When accessing another user's account as a delegate, verify that “Acting as <user’s name>” replaces "Profile" in the upper right-hand corner.

Click the "Request a Profile [...]" button at the top and provide the following information required to profile new travelers in Concur:

  1. Full legal name as it appears on the traveler's photo ID (for travel bookings)
  2. Affiliation to UA (e.g. guest speaker, volunteer, student, etc.)
  3. Date of birth (for travel bookings and issuing a UA ID if needed)
  4. UA ID if one exists (all UA students have a UA ID)
  5. Full mailing address (necessary for issuing any travel reimbursements)
  6. Preferred email address – This is assigned as the traveler's Concur username
    1. Students use their email
    2. Guests with no email (e.g. elders) are assigned a dummy email address using their assigned (e.g.
  7. Fund and org for the trip – This is entered as the default funding on the traveler's account
  8. Default Approver – Authorized financial approver who is not also acting as the delegate
    1. For unrestricted funds this is generally the financial manager
    2. For restricted funds this is the PI as assigned in Banner form FTMFUND
  9. Delegate(s) assigned to manage travel on the non-employee's behalf - We will assign delegates with their needed permissions during profile creation
  10. Home campus for students (not funding campus)

Once profiled in Concur, travelers receive an activation email directly from Concur Solutions. They must follow the activation instructions before their delegate can coordinate travel in Concur. The activation link expires after one week. Contact our office if the traveler does not activate their account in time.

Delegates are responsible for managing all portions of travel for their non-employee student and guest travelers. Visit the UA Travel website for more information on using the Request, Travel and Expense modules in Concur.

Travel Request

Gather all the pre-travel information for the trip. Once the traveler's Concur profile is ready, fill out and submit a Travel Request for pre-trip approval.

Provide the non-employee traveler with information such as receipt management options during travel and UA travel policies and regulations applicable to their trip.

Book a Trip

Once the Travel Request is approved, click the "Book" link on the Request or contact CTM directly to book the trip.

Airfare is paid on the agency card held by CTM. A travel coordinator may use their ProCard with approved waiver to pay for lodging, or the delegate can ask CTM to book and pay for lodging. Do not use your UA Travel Card to purchase travel components for a non-employee traveler.

Expense Report

Once travel bookings are complete, generate the Expense Report. Assign any agency card charges in the traveler’s “Available Expenses," add any expenses paid on a ProCard such as registration, and attach receipts to the Report.

Once the trip is complete, gather any required documentation from the traveler and add remaining travel costs to the Report. Notify the traveler once the Report is ready and have them verify the information is correct and complete. Delegates may submit the Report on behalf of a guest traveler, but students must submit the Report themselves.

There are four available options for travel receipt management:
  1. E-Receipts - Activate e-receipts on the traveler's Concur account and all air, lodging, and vehicle rental receipts from participating vendors are automatically uploaded into their "Available Expenses"
  2. SAP Concur Mobile App (Traveler Only) - The traveler can download and activate the SAP Concur mobile app which lets them use ExpenseIt to take pictures of receipts and upload them to their "Available Expenses"
  3. Email - Forward emailed receipts to from an email address verified on the traveler's account (the delegate must add the traveler’s verified email address to the subject line)
  4. Scan - Scan images of receipts to a computer and import them from the device to the traveler's "Available Receipts"

Visit the UA Travel website's "Training Library" for instructions on utilizing receipt management options. 

Non-employee travel that includes personal time follows most of the same rules and procedures as employee business travel that includes personal time. The primary difference is that the UA prepaid expenses cannot exceed the reimbursable amount. UA does not have a guaranteed mechanism to recoup funds from non-employees.

Delegates are advised to not book business+personal flights that exceed the business-only cost comparison unless they can guarantee the reimbursable expenses will cover any additional cost. Travel coordinators should not use their ProCard with approved waiver to pay for any costs that exceed the business-only.

Contact our office if you have questions on managing non-employee travel that includes personal time.

Additional Considerations

  1. Title IX - Notify the traveler of their rights and responsibilities under this law
  2. Volunteer Forms - Ensure all necessary volunteer forms are complete
  3. Protection of Minors - Ensure all minor consent forms are complete
    1. Minors may travel on an airline unaccompanied
    2. Minors cannot stay by themselves in commercial lodging
  4. Accessibility (ADA) - Ensure accessibility needs are met prior to travel and necessary forms (if any) are complete
  5. Other Accommodations - Ensure any additional traveler accommodations are met, e.g. a very tall guest speaker needs a premium exit row seat for extra leg room