Ice Cleat Program

Here in the interior of Alaska, snow and ice are part of our daily lives for nearly seven months of the year. Walking around campus can sometimes be challenging especially during the snowy months. There are many reasons why people slip and fall on ice and snow, and all are preventable. With a little planning, caution, and proper footwear, you can remain upright during our sometimes treacherous winter conditions.

Winter slip and fall injuries tend to be UAF’s most frequently reported accident. To help prevent these injuries, and the associated insurance costs, UAF offers traction devices (ice cleats) to all employees, free of charge. These ice cleats slip over existing footwear and are very effective at helping prevent falls on ice and snow. 

UAF employees can contact our office at 907-474-5476 / 907-474-6015, or stop by our office location at 825 Alumni Drive, Fairbanks, to procure a free pair of ice cleats.  Office hours are 8AM to 5PM.  Please call before you come to ensure there is someone in the office to assist you. 

If you are not in Fairbanks

EHSRM can package requested ice cleats and ship them to your location. Please email and be sure to provide the number of pairs needed, sizes , and shipping address and we will get them to you as soon as possible.

If your location requires more pairs them we have in stock, you can apply for loss prevention funding for your location or department here.