Programs and services

Special after hours/Holiday access

Please contact the UAF key shop or Polar Express for any access during COVID-19 restrictions. 

Contact your Department Approval Authority for unlocks and access for on-going access needs.

This is NOT to request security. This is for limited special access and lock/unlock requests for students, staff and faculty after hours and closure access for buildings on UAF Campus without swipe access controls.

Only Department Approval Authority may authorize access per 


If the form is not completed as required, the request will not be approved. Successful submission does not mean approval of the request. The submitter will receive an email for approval status after request is confirmed.

Security escort service

Any time, day or night, you can call us at 907-474-7721 to have a Police Officer escort you to your car, campus residence, or any other building on campus.

  • You must have photo identification and the escort may be on foot or in a vehicle.
  • Sorry, this service cannot be used in place of a taxi service for off-campus transport.
Event security request

This police security request form is to be used for events approved through UAF planning committee, through Wood Center scheduling, or other event coordination or planning mechanisms.

More information
Digital Fingerprint Services
By appointment only, call 907-474-7721 to schedule.

Located at UAF Police Department, 1788 Yukon Drive.

Fingerprints may be paid for by clicking the button below.  

Please print your receipt and bring it with you to the appointment.