Strategic Planning FAQs

Are you interested in requesting strategic planning facilitation support? The following frequently asked questions may be helpful for you!

The Vision Navigation® approach plans for execution and action. We start by defining the big picture - who you are and what you want to accomplish (your vision). Once clear, we’ll help you work out your strategy on a one year basis. Your final plan will include specific internal improvement projects and strategic initiatives that have been selected as short-term priorities. Vision Navigation® is about accountability and realistic goal setting. You determine how much you will accomplish and by when you will accomplish your goals.

It’s best to work with a small core planning team of 6-8 people who complete the heavy lift of drafting work. The planning team’s draft work can be shared with a larger team and/or stakeholders at key milestones in the planning process for engagement and feedback. We’ll utilize an iterative planning process to provide the ability for clarifying and editing ideas as the plan takes shape.

After a strategic plan is created, the plan will “live” within the online Vision Navigation® project management software. Team members track progress in achieving quarterly outcomes through this tool. The PIT Crew guides the project lead to hold quarterly accountability sessions to review progress towards achieving quarterly outcomes and adjust plans as needed.

Typically, the vision is drafted by the department or unit director and a small group of leaders. Assessment and strategic agenda drafting is completed by a small group who hold specific experience and operational expertise, perspective on organizational challenges and are ready to make tough decisions on behalf of the organization. Project planning is completed by the management team and key faculty, staff and students who will execute a specific strategy or internal improvement. Stakeholders can be engaged at planning milestones for feedback.