About the e-competition

About the Competition

From June 28 through July 12, 2014, 24 of the brightest young pianists from around the world will participate in a competition of the highest integrity and artistic quality at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. The competition will take place in three rounds in the Davis Concert Hall, judged by an international panel of renowned musicians, and culminating with a performance with the Fairbanks Symphony Orchestra for each finalist.

Through the use of a Yamaha Disklavier, a premier Internet-connected piano, the performances taking place live in the Davis Concert Hall will be shared with international audiences, as other connected Disklaviers around the globe play synchronously with the performer, displaying the precise keystrokes and pedal technique of each musician in real time. A webcast will accompany the performance as well, allowing international audiences to follow this far north competition from their own homes, schools and communities.

The winners of this competition will be awarded more than $65,000 in prize money and performances, including performances in Chicago and New York City.

History of the e-Competition

"No system is foolproof, but one thing is certain: contestants at the Alaska International Piano-e-Competition are judged on their merit, not on what school or country they come from, or who their teacher is."

- Alexander Braginsky

The International Piano-e-Competition began in Minnesota in 2002, founded by Alexander Braginsky, a pianist and professor of piano at the University of Minnesota. It was founded in the spirit of creating a competition for young, aspiring pianists of the highest caliber to be judged on their performance, skill and talent alone, and without regard for their country of origin or the instructors they had studied under. As such, the rules of the competition strictly reinforce limits on competitors and judges to ensure fairness and integrity in the competition.

Through the shared vision and effort of Eduard Zilberkant, president's professor of music, chair of the Music Department at the University of Alaska Fairbanks and music director and conductor of the Fairbanks Symphony Orchestra, this competition will be coming to Alaska for the first time in summer 2014.